The Trump Effect…

A post on a site named Western Journalism by  Floyd Brown caught my eye a few days ago simply given the title that Mr. Brown’s piece had been given: The Trump Effect The Media Just Won’t Share.

Interestingly, this subject apparently came up during a Bible Study that he attends in his neighborhood, and I was reminded how diligently we, in the Bible Studies I attend, work to keep politics out of our study conversations.  That was the hook that got me to read this piece.

The thrust was that during his study, the parent of a member of Seal Team 3 mentioned that “Our son in Iraq is much safer now…”.  That son is 30 years old.  Mr. Brown asked why they would say that, and, as he said, “they were only too happy to explain.”

They explained that Gen. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis initiated a change to the orders as soon as he stepped into his role as head of our Department of Defense.  Where, during the Obama Presidency, the troops were placed in harms way without the ability to respond should the need arise, as it typically does when you’re in those situations since they were forbidden from firing if there was any perceived danger to civilians in such an exchange.

The enemy quickly comes to understand that if they surround themselves with civilians they essentially have a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, and they take maximum advantage of that obvious advantage.  If nothing else, they have some of their members dress as civilians.  This tactic likely took all of thirty seconds to become established.

The short story is that our troops were placed in harm’s way with no, or very limited, ability to defend themselves unless and until they took enemy fire and even then they were forced to ‘work around’ any civilians, or ‘apparent’ civilians in the process of defending themselves.  That all changed with Mad Dog’s ascension to the position of Secretary of Defense.

I believe that the “Trump Effect” is more far-reaching than just this instance, and that explains the almost irrational response of some Democrats to various issues.  They see the bigger picture that we might miss since they live in the wonky world of high political intrigue.  They have used every trick, dirty or not, in the book during their times in the majority, and they see that President Trump, a  businessman who has had similar experiences in his world, has likely had similar educational opportunities.  They fear him and this translates to their language describing him.

I would submit that the “Trump Effect” has transcended President Trump’s actual political clout.  He is that one person for whom the “art of the deal” is a well-known quantity.  He is, frankly, not the typical nice guy Republican who will allow himself to be pushed around by the opposing party for awhile until he gets settled in.  President Trump came into office with a set of life experiences that are unparalleled for any other President in my lifetime, at least.

There will be some rough spots as we all go forward, however, I am comfortable that this man, whom many would brand as other than Presidential for purely political reasons, is the right person at the right time.  Our government needs to be exposed to some fresh thinking every so often.  The old school does not give up the reins very easily.

The “Trump Effect” may have a rough edge here or there, but it is breathing fresh air into a very staid and unimaginative federal government.


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