She Just Doesn’t Get It…

Hillary Clinton cannot get out of her own way, nor out of our hair, it appears.  Never could, and apparently, never will.  She seems to see herself as the de facto President, in spite of everything the voters have done to dissuade her from further hallucinations of this variety.

The latest statement from her came in response to the President’s speech at the United Nations when she said she had hoped he, Trump, would’ve said (paraphrased), “We view this as dangerous to our allies, to the region, and even to our country.”  She was with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show when she made these utterances which simply, for me at least, confirmed why she does not sit in the Oval Office.

Those of us who did not vote for Hillary did not vote for her for two primary reasons.  First, she has not proved to us she has what the Oval Office takes, and second, we’ve seen the litter of half-truths and very real tragedy she has left behind her.  I remind readers, probably needlessly but humor me, of Benghazi.  That being but one of the things she will never live down.

Hillary is, apparently, still part of the ‘in crowd’ where liberals congregate which does not speak at all well for those of the liberal persuasion on top of their beliefs which are contrary to what some of us, many of us as a matter of fact, believe they ought to be.

Okay, maybe the moniker “Rocket Man” was a bit over the top, although it made me smile even as I cringed a tiny bit, but that is Donald Trump.

Back to Hillary and her neediness.  She simply has to find a bright light somewhere to stand under.  Maybe there is some ‘moth’ in her DNA.  She obviously harbors the notion that many of us simply can’t see and/or hear her often enough.  It should occur to her that if that were the majority of voters in America, she would be in the Oval Office rather than making excuses for why she is not in the Oval Office.

Oh, yes, there is that Electoral College thing, isn’t there?  That was the wisdom of our predecessors in action so that all of us had a voice, and not just those who flock to the larger cities and more populated states in our country.  Great to see it working!

Back to Kim Jung-Un and President Trump, for a moment.  Our President is precisely what is needed in this world today given the lunatic that runs North Korea.  Pussy-footing around with political speechifying on liberal TV shows (it is hard to find any other kind of TV shows) ain’t gonna get rid of that menace.  Were that the case, he’d be gone following the last eight years.  But, instead, he is a greater threat to us as the result of that eight years.

We determined that we needed something other than what we’d just had and put Donald Trump into the Oval Office.  And yes, the Electoral College functioned precisely as it was intended to function…Thank the Good Lord.

I have to wonder if we understand what a low-grade nuclear weapon could do to our entire country’s electrical grid system.  We could be plunged into the late 1700’s in an instant with everything we’ve relied upon to make life better wiped out with a blinding flash.  This is the kind of thing that requires something other than liberal speechifying.   This requires a preemptive response if it is to prevent the madman from further acts of violence against mankind.

The real world, the one in which us conservatives live and work and raise our families, is a dangerous place that sometimes requires brute force rather than simply eloquent word-smithing.  With his warts identified, I voted for the person I believed gave us the best chance to come out on the other side of these kinds of threats intact and alive and living in a vibrant and free country.

That was our current real President, not the wanna-be that is always seeking the bright lights.


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Free Speech?

This clip is frightening:

Roughly half of college-age people, according to this Frank Luntz query, profess to believe that it is permissible to shout down someone with whose speech they disagree.  Not to worry, only about 20% think it is within their rights to forcibly cause that right of free speech to be denied.  So, if we have a group of college-age men and women numbering 10,000, only 2,000 think force is permissible.  What a deal for those charged with riot control.

Think about that for a moment.  One in every five who believe it permissible to shout down a speaker also believes that they ought to be able to forcibly end a speaker’s speech if they disagree with that speech.  The term ‘forcibly’ carries all kinds of connotation.  Once use of force has entered the discussion, who defines appropriate levels of force?  Are we confining that to pushing and shoving?  Can we take a swing at someone if we feel so compelled?  How about throwing rocks?  Why not carry a club with protruding spikes on the ‘business end’?  Maybe we simply ought to carry guns.

We are, frankly, going down a dangerous slippery slope today and it seems we’re going at an increasing rate of speed.  These kinds of thoughts used to be the turf of the ‘Outlaw’ motorcycle gangs.  And somehow now that has been moved to college campuses?  How did this happen?  Has parental upbringing devolved to this level?  Are these young adults okay when they walk onto the campus for their freshman year and then exposed to this kind of philosophic junk that turns them into rioting punks?

There was a time in our not-so-distant past when organized labor found itself in the same situation.  Most of that has disappeared today.  Maybe as the result of organized labor’s decreasing presence.  Clubs, not organizations…actual clubs, are used to get their points across today for the very most part.  Physical ‘beat-downs’ have been relegated to the pages of modern history books for the very most part but are re-emerging rapidly.

The alt-this and alt-that groups of today seem to be quite agreeable to using force to accomplish their disruption of events with which they appear to have some issues.  Witness our very recent past.  The definition of ‘force’ in these situations has taken on frightening connotations.  Apparently, clubs studded with spikes make a nice sound when they collide with a skull.  The escalation of tools desired for use by these thugs evolves rapidly.  If a club is neat, how much more so a sawed-off shotgun loaded with buckshot?

We have recently witnessed the degree to which such groups will go.  The tipping of statues does not seem to satisfy quite so much as it did initially, although that still seems a favorite of some.

These kinds of so-called ‘movements’ need spawning grounds, and those are apparently available in increasing numbers.  Modern communications technology feeds these movements.  The press coverage makes such groups feel quite self-important especially when they score one against the authorities.  Authorities are compelled to resort to violent means of riot control only when absolutely necessary…but that absolutely necessary line in the sand has been reached sooner, it seems, with each engagement.

Police officials and para-military forces need a new order of engagement for these situations.  We have seen what this movement is willing to use and that hasn’t been ‘words’ so much as it has devolved to violent methods and means virtually from the start.

Not everything in our nation’s history has been something of which we should be proud, but it is part of our nation’s history.  To pervert those things into the reasons for a riot in this day and age is simply the brainchild of some that believe they want to disrupt our lives and our freedoms by any means available.  We have authority-haters.  We have cop-haters.  We have racial divides that lend themselves to those who would organize haters for the next incursion against our freedoms.

The United States of America is at a dangerous crossroads today.  The inbreeding of these people who seem to believe they are somehow doing work that needs doing is symptomatic of a strain of hatred of authority.  Period.  There is nothing involved that is based upon protection of our basic freedoms.  To the contrary, these people interdict our freedoms by creating the need for additional rules and regulations that may actually dampen our basic freedoms.

I am reminded of Mad magazine and its cover image of Alfred E. Neuman with the question…”What?  Me Worry?”

Yes, it is time, past time actually, for each of us to worry and to make some changes as the result.


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“What Happened”

Hillary Clinton’s newest book, “What Happened”, sets out more excuses for her loss to President Trump.  Of course, anyone losing to Trump, as inept and inarticulate as he has been made out to be, needs an excuse; how very embarrassing if you had to take the blame for that defeat all by yourself.

Ms. Clinton is no stranger to the art of excuses as a form of deflection of criticism so one might live another day in the world of politics.  Think “Benghazi”.  Think “Rose Law Firm”.  Think “bodies” in cemeteries.  The news media largely supported her effort to become President even though she carries tons of baggage that would be incriminating, or at least “eliminating” for anyone but a Clinton.

The top ten reasons she cites are these:

The Russians, Barack Obama, Voter Suppression, Sexism, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, The Mainstream Media, The Electoral College, Fake News and Bad Polling.

There seems no end to the excuses Hillary and Company will use to attempt to eliminate any thought that she might simply be unlikable.  How could anyone not like her?  Well, there are a lot of reasons, but chief among them for me is her apparent inability to take a message from this election.  She LOST.  She did not receive enough raw votes as those equate to Electoral College impact.  This was no one’s fault but hers.  It was not the fault of her campaign managers, or polling data, or anyone or anything else.

Enough of us voters have decided we want nothing further to do with Hillary Clinton, and neither do we want anything further to do with her immediate family.  Hillary Clinton and Family have been given every possible pass, and yet she cannot overcome one simple barrier: she is not likeable and we do not think her so brilliant a leader that we’re willing to overlook the obvious.

Far from bearing a small part of the blame for her loss, the mainstream media, instead, bear a significant amount of blame for continuing to provide her with a built-in platform, supposedly apolitical, with which to contact and interact with voters.

One of the things that likely come to bear in her seeming inability to accept this defeat is that of whom she was defeated by…Donald Trump.  That might well be the perfect example of ‘adding insult to injury’ for a female politician who has been a hanger-on for years in spite of her history, and that of her family, daughter included.

Hillary Clinton does not have what the majority of voters want.  One can take his or her choice from a lengthy list of possible ‘things’ that can be brought into this mix of toxic politics.  If we wanted another Clinton, that would’ve occurred already.  And, that she was defeated by this guy Trump, has to have been almost unbearable.  I mean, my goodness.  How in the world did she manage to lose to him?

It was, and is, quite simple.  Hillary Clinton has passed the “Use By” date on her brand.  It just is not going to happen no matter how many times she tries nor against whom she runs.  If us voters are capable of learning from our history, we’ll also be certain to not entertain daughter Chelsea for a political career.  She is likely so well endowed financially, however, that she’d not even consider a run, but…

So “What Happened” is that the preponderance of knowledge about the ‘product’ has finally caught up with the ‘product’ rendering it no longer suitable as a viable ‘product’ in the marketplace.

That is quite simple and very probably quite permanent.  At the least, we can hope.


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Watergate Days…

Hillary Rodham Clinton was very much in the center of the U.S. political world during the Watergate hearings, and before as she helped drive her husband’s career in spite of his peccadilloes (as he and she apparently saw his sexual meanderings).  The picture below shows her during a congressional hearing when she was a congressional staffer.  She was obviously infected with the political bug then and has never gotten over that fever.


Hillary has been in our national political world since her husband’s tour of connection-enriching duty as Governor of Arkansas.  She was destined, apparently, to make it big in national politics.  And, Sam Donaldson had those sideburns even then.

Has she succeeded in that quest?  Most of us know her by sight, so by that standard, she is a well-known person in political circles.  For many of us, thankfully, she is a too well-known quantity and for that reason, it seems doubtful she’ll ever attain that which she has chased, lusted after, for years…the Presidency of the United States.

Looking back at history such as this reminds us that there are many, many people who have certain driving images of self.  Most of us, I think, are not so personally-ego-driven as to have planned our systematic progression up the ladder to a really big ultimate goal.  Sure, we may’ve dreamed about such attainments, and we may’ve begun our climb.  But, life has a way of making us take certain course-corrections during our journey that we’d never have thought would occur as we began our journeys.

If we are fortunate enough, we reach a point of reflection where we’re able, if we choose, to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of our personal lives.  We can see those times when a decision made turned into success.  And, we can see those times when the opposite occurred as the result of a decision taken.  Very few of us were on truly public display during our climb up the ladder of life to the degree that the Clintons have been displayed…and we can likely be very grateful that we weren’t if we are to be brutally honest with ourselves.  I cannot imagine a life lived by any of us humans that haven’t included a few self-reflective head-shaking moments…and probably more than just a few.

Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ might be watchwords for any one of us even though those would usually be confined to very private, personal reflective moments.  Those might be our personal “come-to-Jesus” moments experienced while we’re alive.  If we are fortunate, we gain from all our experiences; however, those experiences that hurt usually seem to carry greater lessons.  As with anything, there are quick learners and there are slow learners.  There are those who are driven and there are those who are not.  There are those whom we’d gladly follow, and there are those who we wouldn’t follow even if we were paid to do so.

We have some control in our lives and where we’ll go and what we’ll do in those lives.  For some, there is a vivid calling.  For others, the calling is/was more subdued,  maybe even non-recognizable until the reflective later years when self-honesty seems an easier pill to swallow.

In the final analysis, we come to the point where we need to be able to be at peace with ourselves as we contemplate our lives; our successes, our hopes compared to our accomplishments; and yes, even those times when we failed since we have all failed during this life in one or more ways.  You and I have been given the opportunity to have done these things without the glare of public opinion shining on us; our private lives were far more private than the Clintons’ private lives have been.

But another blessing for you and for me.


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Fake News & Fact Checkers…

We are inundated with ‘news’ and if we are truly ‘news junkies’ we are buried moreso than most others.  This link purports to identify what we can usually rely on vs. that upon which we should never rely:

This is a 34-page spreadsheet, by the way, to give you an idea of the magnitude of the potential threat of fake or bogus or simply unreliable sources for news these days.  This is likely not the ‘end all and be all’ on the subject.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the lists of fake news sources change quite often.

There is a danger in relying too heavily on much of what we find on the Internet.  I suspect that you would agree.  And yet, there is a lot of time spent aimlessly cruising the Internet; and yes, some of that time is spent while we’re on the boss’s payroll.  I am my own boss, so I can get away with that.  How else would I have found this 34-page listing?  Google can be addicting, too.

There is a very serious side to all this, however.  Too many people are too gullible and take whatever they’d like to believe is true as fact simply because it proves their particular theory or political position.  I suspect that some of the self-claimed fact checkers are likely the worst offenders and this 34 pages would seem to lend credence to that supposition.

The more insidious kind of ‘news’ is that which is dressed as news but is, in fact, nothing more than embellished opinion.  My blog is my opinion, almost always based on fact but still my opinion, and you can choose to believe it or disbelieve it.  There are no pretenses involved.

If you do take the time to look through this list, you’ll note the number of websites that mimic real news sites, and that purport to be something they’re not.  If you or I weren’t being very careful, we could easily hit ‘enter’ and find ourselves in a bad place so far as legitimate news is concerned.  This applies not to just to flat-out bogus sites but also to some of the ‘almost real’ news sites.  I have been ‘misdirected’ by search engines that assume what I must be seeking based on a few keystrokes and taking me to what they have determined I want demonstrating how great they are.

Some of us are old enough to remember the ‘carny hucksters’ we’d encounter at the local fair.  They were glib and had a degree of showmanship that drew you in for their whole song and dance routine.  Sometimes this was coupled with that scantily-clad pulchritudinous young lady who took your mind off what the huckster was saying just enough to confuse you into the purchase.

What we face today is far more insidious than that huckster, and yet we seem too often to forget that the Internet is not always our friend.

We are not just talking about some gimmicky product that we can hold in our hands either.  More and more we are talking about ideas that are espoused as meaning one thing but, in fact, are disguised so that we’ll be lulled into the false sense that we need this or that law passed by Congress.  Yes, there are political ‘hucksters’ and we’re exposed to their words and insinuations daily if we permit that to occur.

How many well-named bills get passed only to later be found as having been misleading?  We thought we’re voting for ‘this’ when, in fact, we voted for ‘that’.  The old-time ‘carny huckster would take us for a twenty dollar bill.  These political hucksters will take us for millions of tax dollars if we permit that.  That is bad enough, but then they come home to campaign for re-election, and they ‘snow’ us again because we’re just plain gullible and can’t believe that someone might not be as honest as are we.  Or, the bill has a great name that we later learn was the exact opposite of what the bill was really about.

My sweetheart protects me from these types of decisions because she usually is not a ‘see it and buy it’ person, but rather needs to sleep on the idea for a night or two.  I can’t imagine the angst she has saved us from feeling, although I confess I’m a bit peeved going home without the purchase that day.

Our parents, if yours were like mine, saved us from some of this by instilling in us the old saw;  “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  Be sure of your facts when politics are involved.  Try to see both sides of issues; that often exposes the weakness of your side as well as of their side.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ON THE INTERNET.  Much is not what it would seem, except for the following shameless commercial:


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I am a ghostwriter who specializes in writing for people/ businesses who/which have little time and/or who simply are not gifted as writers.  I welcome discussions of your specific needs as those relate to my abilities.  ‘No cost’ preview pieces and references are readily available following discussions of your situation, your needs, and your goals.  Please contact me by e-mail: for further information.


Mixed Bag…

We have a mixed bag of topics today…

Hillary has now taken to blaming white women for her defeat.  Seems that everyone, and everything, other than Hillary is at fault in Hillary’s latest loss.  Who knows who or what might be next in line as the scapegoat of the day/week/month/year?

Hillary has turned herself into a pathetic bag of stale political garbage with her whining and serial excuse making.  She does not seem to grasp the reality:  she is not liked by more than those who do like her.  Every excuse is but another page in this great new book that could be titled: I am perfect but no one seems to notice.


Kim Jung-un will obviously keep firing missiles until he runs out or until we finally say “enough is enough” and decimate his military capabilities.  The danger is that we never know when he will have slipped the final cog in his mental wheel and actually tries to hit a target other than the ocean.  We will get nowhere, and get there quickly if we continue with threats that have no muscle behind them.

He will not learn his lesson unless and until we hurt him and hurt him badly.  I’d prefer assassination since that can be targeted specifically at him without hurting the North Korean populace that has paid dearly for Kim already.  This contrived ‘issue’ will not go away unless we make it go away…and preemptively is better than after the fact.


Sanctuaries from the federal law cannot exist in the United States of America.  That is is an oxymoron since the federal law applies to every inch of ground that is part of the United States of America.  Every entity that declares itself a ‘sanctuary’ from our country’s laws and policies ought to immediately lose every penny of Federal funding.  You and I obey the laws of the land.

President Trump may be judicious in not getting tough enough soon enough on such political subdivisions within our country making such declarations, but that seems to simply beg for the next such declaration, and the next after that.  The cessation of the flow of federal funds to any and all such self-declared bastions of lawlessness should be immediate.  Chicago would go belly up overnight.  Arizona’s ‘feel good’ politicians would find themselves on the street overnight and a real Sheriff would be back in his seat.  We have the means to peacefully change federal policies if the majority desires and intentional ignorance of those policies is not part of that mechanism.

Liberals usually equate to being Democratic in their political beliefs, so they can take up the sanctuary city issue on the floor of Congress if they desire.  Take a stand and then stand by that position during the next election.  If you keep your office apparently enough people agreed with you.  We know the likely places where enough will agree with you, and the rest of us using our representation in Congress can choose to deal with you as we will according to the laws of this land and not the political feel-good practices of some.  You know full well that you cannot support yourselves in the lap of luxury you’ve become accustomed to having without taking tax dollars from the rest of us to pay for your flights of fantasy.  This is but one more reason for the way in which our Founding Fathers decided this country ought to be governed.  Let’s get this question before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Special Prosecutors ought not to be as special as we’ve made them.  That is especially true when we recognize that those appointed all have political trails behind them since they’ve typically been part of ‘the system’ for years.  They can profess to be apolitical but that simply is a human impossibility except for the one or two who may’ve been able to walk on water…and their feet were quite wet in addition to the skirts or trousers being damp.  We have a Special Prosecutor now who is digging into the past business deals of the current President.  What does that have to do with his charge?  NOTHING!  That’s what.  But this bastion of justice is digging anyway.  He’ll no doubt have inserted himself, since he can without any further permission slips, into anything that strikes his fancy.

Maybe we need to create Very Special Prosecutors who would go in after the fact and determine all the things the lesser Special Prosecutor did that overstepped the bounds of the original investigation.  Won’t likely happen but XXXX darn well ought to.  You know as well as I where this really special investigation is going.

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Hil’s Next Play? Nix Electoral College

Hillary must hate “fly-over” country.  She has come out with a full-throated statement that the Electoral College needs to be scrapped.  After all, she won the popular vote by some 3 million votes, therefore she is the rightful occupant of the Oval Office.  But, that pesky thing we call the Electoral College got in the way.

Popular vote winners in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2,000 and now 2016 were shunted to the side track by the Electoral College.  Our ‘Founding Fathers’ have again demonstrated their wisdom with this creation.

A direct national vote would, as things are unfolding with population growth, provide that those of us outside the major population centers in our country would lose our voice.  The Founders were sympathetic to the direct vote vs. Electoral College issue.  They provided for some redress with the fact that two Senators are elected from each state while population determines the number of members of the House that each state has.

Our Constitution states that:  Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which each state may be entitled in the Congress.”  That is the accommodation to the population state-by-state that exists.  The larger the state in population, the greater that state’s number of members in the Electoral College.

Were that language not in our Constitution, those of us in states less populated would have our votes diminished in their strength so that we’d be deprived of an equal voice, or at least more equal, in national elections.  The numbers of House members reflects population while the Senate provides for two members per state regardless of population.

The total number of electors in the Electoral College equals 538.  The winner must receive a majority, or 270 electoral votes to become President.  When we vote, we are actually voting to direct our members of the Electoral College how the majority wants them to vote.  That acts as a buffer system to assure that larger states are given credit for their size since that is how the House is put together, while each state regardless of its population gets two votes representing the seated Senators.

Were it not for the Electoral College, those of us in less populated areas would not have a vote carrying the same weight as those in more heavily populated states.  Without this wisdom by the Founders, the major population centers in America would determine who sat for us in Washington, D.C.  Essentially, the big cities would determine our government since that is where we find the heaviest concentrations of people.  Las Vegas would have a voice but the rest of the Nevada population would not have an effective voice.

The Electoral College, in essence, balances the protection of individual rights and majority rule as a Heritage Foundation paper points out.  If the electoral vote were based solely on population, those of us not living in a major population center would essentially be casting votes with less than the power of the votes from those in large cities and populous states.

Again, our Founding Fathers demonstrate their wisdom was dead-on and that is further reflected by the success of the Electoral College.  This is not the time to abolish that system so that Hillary Clinton or any other ‘wanna be’, can find their way into the Oval Office because they think they’ve earned that seat.

Even with the Electoral College, the heavier population areas have the advantage in national races simply due to the number of people in each place.  Abolishing the Electoral College would give the choice to those heaviest populated areas, and frankly, those are distinctly Democrat in makeup.  That explains fully the cries of the Hillary Clintons and Al Gores of this political world.

There is nothing wrong with the Electoral College.


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