Take a Stand Instead of a Knee…

This will be among the most memorable phrases from this entire debacle within the vaunted National Football League and it is attributed to a Chattanooga man purported to be the head of companies advertising on NFL games is reported as saying, CEO of companies advertising on NFL games, Allan Jones,  “Our companies will not condone the unpatriotic behavior.  When I see Colin Kaepernick lecturing the ‘oppressed’ wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt you realize the hypocrisy to this stupidity. The next time someone asks the public to finance a stadium this will have a very long-term effect.”  He has reportedly ordered all commercials for his three companies pulled from all NFL games for the entire season.

As I said yesterday, football, even professional football, is a game; a game with huge chunks of money involved, but a game nonetheless.  It has no more significance than that.  It does not give players in that league the license to make statements about issues they may or may not thoroughly understand.  It especially has not the weighty cerebral significance to provide players of that game the right to engage in political protest as a part of the ceremonies leading up to that game. Of course, there has to be a political ‘tie-back’ to our President, Donald Trump.  We have to come to accept that it is his fault that NFL players are ‘acting up and acting out’.  After all, everything is his fault.

Those of us in the “muddled masses” are to be protected from our own thoughts since we obviously are near next-of-kin to the Neanderthals.  Thank goodness, it seems, that we are smart enough to elect leaders at all levels, but our brilliance then is finished until we elect a new set of leaders.  We are to have no more opinions unless those are related to the ethereal realities of NFL football.  We certainly should not be opining about the conduct of football players who, frankly, seem more than a little bit out of their element.

Emotion is a huge driver of us humans.  If we can be whipped into a froth, a frenzy, we can make all kinds of dumb decisions.  We, collectively, do that virtually every day in one or more ways.  We flock to the sales outlets the day that the newest Apple ‘thingy’ is introduced.  That, after all, admits us to a very select group of people who are “with it”.

We tend to imitate those whom we idolize…and we idolize people who shouldn’t be idolized at all just because we see them a lot or they scored the winning touchdown or they tipped over a statue of some old dude about whom we knew nothing.  We wear t-shirts extolling this or that person.  We demonstrate, unfortunately, that we can be had very easily.

So, we come to the next chapter in the saga of NFL football and we will now tune in as much for the pre-game antics as for the actual game.  And the fake kneeling down when the National Anthem is played is just that…fake.  It is somehow intended to make us tie our President, Donald Trump, to anything and everything bad.

Frankly, I do not believe for an instant that either you or I need to be led, or misled, by an NFL player or two or many.  I think we both are very capable of making our own decisions and drawing our own conclusions.  And, yes, once in awhile we’ll make the wrong decision…but that isn’t going to be driven by whether or not the NFL children take a knee or link arms or whatever during our NATIONAL ANTHEM!  

They would be wise indeed to show us all they really do know what our National Anthem means and that they really do appreciate the opportunities this great country has afforded them to become millionaires simply because they can run and throw or catch or kick a ball.

I do not think that either one of us needs to be preached to politically or otherwise by anyone of those NFL players.  I do think they might even threaten their elite world since it is us buying the products and services of those that advertise before, during and after their games that in large part determines how much money they’ll take home each week.


I am a ghostwriter seeking additional writing gigs.  Apolitical business blogs are familiar turf.  I’d welcome your inquiry and will provide samples at no cost for your consideration.  No job too big nor too small.  Simply send an email to alc@stonezephyr.com and we’ll see where that leads.

One thought on “Take a Stand Instead of a Knee…

  1. I would like to see one of these talented athletes (with God given abilities) stand up and say – stand for the National anthem to show honor to our flag, our armed forces (active service men/women and veterans) who gave you the freedom to play a – game – for exorbitant amounts of money and so called fame. Find other ways to show protest for the things you may not agree with. Don’t dishonor the American flag,our country and our service men/women.


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