Foaming At The Mouth…

The liberal press and the liberal newsies that are token parts of whatever remains of the conservative press are so enraged that they can be described as nearly foaming at the mouth.  Spittle flies when they try to talk about the cause of it all…the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

Anything and everything “Trump” inflames these people; it seemingly takes them into a certain ‘netherworld’ from which they can only rant and rave with nonsensical thoughts and accusations.

Professional football players apparently think they can justify kneeling during the playing of our country’s National Anthem because you and I elected Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton to be our President.  They, quite obviously, are not sufficiently educated to understand what our National Anthem means, and why we stand for its playing before such events as a football game.

They are not involved in anything remotely approaching what those who gave their lives for us were involved with.  They play a game.  Those we remember during the playing of this National Anthem gave their all and many left that on the field of battle…which differs so significantly from the field of football as to create an otherwise laughable comparison.

Google “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and see the copious references that pop up.  Have us Americans finally slipped the last cog as Europeans have expected would occur for centuries?  Congress, too, suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS.  It is very nearly impossible to avoid displays of TDS no matter how carefully one treds through his or her daily life.

At first, I, like many others, thought this apparent illness would subside as President Trump took office, but that did not seem to occur.  Instead, this mysterious affliction seems to have grown into something approaching a physic plague that deprives otherwise reasonable and seemingly intelligent people of their abilities to reason and to act like normal people…like Americans.

Even professional football players who are awarded evermore exorbitant amounts of money for athletic prowess bestowed on them by the Almighty at their birth have succumbed to TDS as we see when they feel they have to blatantly hold our National Anthem in disrepute for all to see.  Rather than to seem the strong professional athletes they used to appear to be, they are now the whining jerks who decided they have to demonstrate their angst.  This has now become a full-blown protest amongst the pro football players.  These very well-paid men, paid for their athleticism rather than their wisdom I might add, are using their status to tell the rest of us what we ought to be believing or disbelieving.

Rather than to seem the strong professional and somewhat rational athletes they used to appear to be, they are now the whining jerks who decided they have to demonstrate their angst.  This has now become the preferred outlet for what Hillary Clinton has been feeling since the last national election.  They apparently think they, too, were somehow cheated by this massive conspiracy that we know as The Electoral College.

We think Kim Jung Un is deranged.  Take a look at some who suffer from TDS.  North Koreans bow to Kim Jung Un because to not do so is to die figuratively or literally.  Those with TDS are simply suffering from their personal whining over Hillary’s failure, yes failure, to win an election.  An election that was fairly and squarely decided in keeping with our Constitution and recognizing the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who created the Electoral College.



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