A Couple of Things…

Myopic Maverick?

I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little ticked with Sen. John McCain (with a very questionable ‘R’ behind his name) who has made his political brand that of the ‘maverick’.  He has been more, at least in recent years, a ‘closet-Democrat’ than anything else.  The term maverick is defined as an unorthodox or independent-minded person.  In reality, he claims to be independent-minded but I don’t recall that last display of independence except when he sticks his finger in the eye of the Republicans.  He runs as a Republican but votes as a Democrat far too often for my tastes.  He is obviously unorthodox, for sure, but has a more distinct liberal leaning in his aging years.

McCain the war hero has long ago disappeared.  McCain the waffler has been around for at least two terms.  McCain the unreliable Republican is in evidence on a very regular basis.  His home state, Arizona, has been a conservative state which is now leaning toward the liberal bent.  That may well have been the driving force behind his ‘maverick’ personal re-branding.  The state’s leaning has been apparent for some time and McCain might simply have observed and decided he’d change a bit along with his constituents in order to maintain his status as a U.S. Senator.  Going along to get along has never been very attractive to the person doing so!  Even a war hero!

NFL Players/Owners Denigrate Our Flag & What It Stands For…

The disrespectful members of the various NFL teams and some owners/team officials who seem to be waffling are dangerously close to permanently harming the NFL franchise.  This has very little, if anything, to do with ‘free speech’; and the team owners have the same rights that any employer has so far as the activities of their employees under contract in the workplace.

The seeming politically sensitive owners have come dangerously close to finding themselves in trouble with the fans.  The idea that these ‘heroes’ have little or no regard for the flag representing our country and what it stands for suggests they ought to be fined by the league and fined significantly.  This may well be another offshoot of us having elected Donald Trump as our President, and of the liberal media having sort of chided and encouraged this childish display through their coverage of those ‘protesting’, if this can be called a protest.

This is a disrespectful display that flies in the face of every living and dead member of the armed forces who gave their lives or served with the knowledge that they might give their lives in ultimate sacrifice for their country.  It seems there might well be a bunch of “snowflakes” wearing NFL uniforms.  A significant fine by the owners, and certainly by the league if the owners continue to be spineless, would probably go a long way toward them developing an understanding they can’t use their podium for political statements, and certainly not during televised games.

Too many in that rarified world seem to think their feces doesn’t emit an odor.  We vote for politicians, not for NFL players, at least while they’re playing.  The NFL and its players have a very real obligation to remain totally and completely apolitical.


I am a ghostwriter seeking additional writing gigs.  Apolitical business blogs are familiar turf.  I’d welcome your inquiry and will provide samples at no cost for your consideration.  No job too big nor too small.  Simply send an email to alc@stonezephyr.com and we’ll see where that leads.

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