Maxine & Her Peeps…

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a regular newsmaker given her propensity for voluable claims that litter the media.  “Maxine the machine” is one of those political Energizer bunnies and she is oft-quoted since she is quite quotable in addition to being quite voluable.  A veritable font of quotations if a media outlet isn’t particularly particular as to what it prints/broadcasts.  If a media person has a bit of space to be filled, this is the politician who can fill it and much, much more.  There is, of course, the warning that ought to be issued before every statement about suspect validity, but that is never seen maybe with the exception of this blog and others.

“Maxine the machine,” says it, and it is presumed obviously the next of kin to words found in the Gospel, therefore it is printed/taped, etc. and distributed to the hungry ‘news’ organizations.  Unfortunately, there are people who believe this “claptrap” and who see it as anything but “claptrap”.

Maxine said within the past 48 hours or so that she can “guarantee” that President Trump has colluded with the Russians with the intent to undermine American democracy.  Of course, the media mavens made absolutely no effort to ‘fact-check’ probably because they recognize there is a near total absence of fact in much of what Maxine has to say, and fact-checking would simply be a waste of time and print space.  Maxine literally calls the White House staff the “Kremlin Klan” bringing both Russians and The Klan into the equation jointly.  She is really good at what she does…if you like that sort of thing.

She is quoted in the Washington Examiner as saying:  “Here you have a president who I can tell you and guarantee you is in collusion with the Russians to undermine our democracy.  Here you have a president that has obstructed justice.  And here you have a president that lies every day.”  Of course, she “urged Congress to pursue impeachment”, as  she babbled on

She went on to the effect that Congress can say impeachment is whatever it wants that term to mean, which is obviously true and we know that Congress as a body is capable of nearly anything.  Ms. Waters has made quite a name for herself with her edicts that Congress can define any crime however it wishes to define it.  High crimes and misdemeanors is a phrase which Congress in its wisdom can make mean whatever suits it that day, or week, or month according to Rep. Waters.

It is most interesting to note that seldom anything happens with Maxine’s charges and yet those charges are always printed/broadcast without regard for the fact they are very likely bogus if she is to be judged by her past claims.  Almost seems like media collusion.

The media in this case, and others too numerous to mention, appears a witting accomplice everytime it rushes to press with a comment from Rep. Waters.  I suppose that to ignore Maxine would be to court massive charges from her of being racist.  That having been said, is there not a point in time when Maxine Waters, or anyone of her ilk, is to be called out and made accountable for her speech?  It certainly isn’t going to be done by her constituents as we see from her re-election record.

For those of us who recognize her rants for what they are, ‘calling herself out’ is what she does to herself almost every time she says something.  She is so accustomed to the press rolling over and printing whatever her rant of the day is, that she likely doesn’t even comprehend what she is doing any longer.  It is simply what she does whenever there is a camera and/or a microphone…or even a reporter with pad and pencil.

That would also explain her votes and her selection of party banner.  That her party has done nothing to distance itself from her suggests strongly they do not care if they can count on that vote no matter the issue.  Let her rant and rave.  She’ll always be there when they need that vote.  And, she is both female and black.  That is a very dangerous political combination to try to correct from the party’s point-of-view.  After all, a solid vote is a solid vote

And she seems to have that District in the palm of her hand for so long as she wishes, so why even contemplate changing her style.  Truth be damned.


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