She Just Doesn’t Get It…

Hillary Clinton cannot get out of her own way, nor out of our hair, it appears.  Never could, and apparently, never will.  She seems to see herself as the de facto President, in spite of everything the voters have done to dissuade her from further hallucinations of this variety.

The latest statement from her came in response to the President’s speech at the United Nations when she said she had hoped he, Trump, would’ve said (paraphrased), “We view this as dangerous to our allies, to the region, and even to our country.”  She was with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show when she made these utterances which simply, for me at least, confirmed why she does not sit in the Oval Office.

Those of us who did not vote for Hillary did not vote for her for two primary reasons.  First, she has not proved to us she has what the Oval Office takes, and second, we’ve seen the litter of half-truths and very real tragedy she has left behind her.  I remind readers, probably needlessly but humor me, of Benghazi.  That being but one of the things she will never live down.

Hillary is, apparently, still part of the ‘in crowd’ where liberals congregate which does not speak at all well for those of the liberal persuasion on top of their beliefs which are contrary to what some of us, many of us as a matter of fact, believe they ought to be.

Okay, maybe the moniker “Rocket Man” was a bit over the top, although it made me smile even as I cringed a tiny bit, but that is Donald Trump.

Back to Hillary and her neediness.  She simply has to find a bright light somewhere to stand under.  Maybe there is some ‘moth’ in her DNA.  She obviously harbors the notion that many of us simply can’t see and/or hear her often enough.  It should occur to her that if that were the majority of voters in America, she would be in the Oval Office rather than making excuses for why she is not in the Oval Office.

Oh, yes, there is that Electoral College thing, isn’t there?  That was the wisdom of our predecessors in action so that all of us had a voice, and not just those who flock to the larger cities and more populated states in our country.  Great to see it working!

Back to Kim Jung-Un and President Trump, for a moment.  Our President is precisely what is needed in this world today given the lunatic that runs North Korea.  Pussy-footing around with political speechifying on liberal TV shows (it is hard to find any other kind of TV shows) ain’t gonna get rid of that menace.  Were that the case, he’d be gone following the last eight years.  But, instead, he is a greater threat to us as the result of that eight years.

We determined that we needed something other than what we’d just had and put Donald Trump into the Oval Office.  And yes, the Electoral College functioned precisely as it was intended to function…Thank the Good Lord.

I have to wonder if we understand what a low-grade nuclear weapon could do to our entire country’s electrical grid system.  We could be plunged into the late 1700’s in an instant with everything we’ve relied upon to make life better wiped out with a blinding flash.  This is the kind of thing that requires something other than liberal speechifying.   This requires a preemptive response if it is to prevent the madman from further acts of violence against mankind.

The real world, the one in which us conservatives live and work and raise our families, is a dangerous place that sometimes requires brute force rather than simply eloquent word-smithing.  With his warts identified, I voted for the person I believed gave us the best chance to come out on the other side of these kinds of threats intact and alive and living in a vibrant and free country.

That was our current real President, not the wanna-be that is always seeking the bright lights.


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