“What Happened”

Hillary Clinton’s newest book, “What Happened”, sets out more excuses for her loss to President Trump.  Of course, anyone losing to Trump, as inept and inarticulate as he has been made out to be, needs an excuse; how very embarrassing if you had to take the blame for that defeat all by yourself.

Ms. Clinton is no stranger to the art of excuses as a form of deflection of criticism so one might live another day in the world of politics.  Think “Benghazi”.  Think “Rose Law Firm”.  Think “bodies” in cemeteries.  The news media largely supported her effort to become President even though she carries tons of baggage that would be incriminating, or at least “eliminating” for anyone but a Clinton.

The top ten reasons she cites are these:

The Russians, Barack Obama, Voter Suppression, Sexism, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, The Mainstream Media, The Electoral College, Fake News and Bad Polling.

There seems no end to the excuses Hillary and Company will use to attempt to eliminate any thought that she might simply be unlikable.  How could anyone not like her?  Well, there are a lot of reasons, but chief among them for me is her apparent inability to take a message from this election.  She LOST.  She did not receive enough raw votes as those equate to Electoral College impact.  This was no one’s fault but hers.  It was not the fault of her campaign managers, or polling data, or anyone or anything else.

Enough of us voters have decided we want nothing further to do with Hillary Clinton, and neither do we want anything further to do with her immediate family.  Hillary Clinton and Family have been given every possible pass, and yet she cannot overcome one simple barrier: she is not likeable and we do not think her so brilliant a leader that we’re willing to overlook the obvious.

Far from bearing a small part of the blame for her loss, the mainstream media, instead, bear a significant amount of blame for continuing to provide her with a built-in platform, supposedly apolitical, with which to contact and interact with voters.

One of the things that likely come to bear in her seeming inability to accept this defeat is that of whom she was defeated by…Donald Trump.  That might well be the perfect example of ‘adding insult to injury’ for a female politician who has been a hanger-on for years in spite of her history, and that of her family, daughter included.

Hillary Clinton does not have what the majority of voters want.  One can take his or her choice from a lengthy list of possible ‘things’ that can be brought into this mix of toxic politics.  If we wanted another Clinton, that would’ve occurred already.  And, that she was defeated by this guy Trump, has to have been almost unbearable.  I mean, my goodness.  How in the world did she manage to lose to him?

It was, and is, quite simple.  Hillary Clinton has passed the “Use By” date on her brand.  It just is not going to happen no matter how many times she tries nor against whom she runs.  If us voters are capable of learning from our history, we’ll also be certain to not entertain daughter Chelsea for a political career.  She is likely so well endowed financially, however, that she’d not even consider a run, but…

So “What Happened” is that the preponderance of knowledge about the ‘product’ has finally caught up with the ‘product’ rendering it no longer suitable as a viable ‘product’ in the marketplace.

That is quite simple and very probably quite permanent.  At the least, we can hope.


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