Watergate Days…

Hillary Rodham Clinton was very much in the center of the U.S. political world during the Watergate hearings, and before as she helped drive her husband’s career in spite of his peccadilloes (as he and she apparently saw his sexual meanderings).  The picture below shows her during a congressional hearing when she was a congressional staffer.  She was obviously infected with the political bug then and has never gotten over that fever.


Hillary has been in our national political world since her husband’s tour of connection-enriching duty as Governor of Arkansas.  She was destined, apparently, to make it big in national politics.  And, Sam Donaldson had those sideburns even then.

Has she succeeded in that quest?  Most of us know her by sight, so by that standard, she is a well-known person in political circles.  For many of us, thankfully, she is a too well-known quantity and for that reason, it seems doubtful she’ll ever attain that which she has chased, lusted after, for years…the Presidency of the United States.

Looking back at history such as this reminds us that there are many, many people who have certain driving images of self.  Most of us, I think, are not so personally-ego-driven as to have planned our systematic progression up the ladder to a really big ultimate goal.  Sure, we may’ve dreamed about such attainments, and we may’ve begun our climb.  But, life has a way of making us take certain course-corrections during our journey that we’d never have thought would occur as we began our journeys.

If we are fortunate enough, we reach a point of reflection where we’re able, if we choose, to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of our personal lives.  We can see those times when a decision made turned into success.  And, we can see those times when the opposite occurred as the result of a decision taken.  Very few of us were on truly public display during our climb up the ladder of life to the degree that the Clintons have been displayed…and we can likely be very grateful that we weren’t if we are to be brutally honest with ourselves.  I cannot imagine a life lived by any of us humans that haven’t included a few self-reflective head-shaking moments…and probably more than just a few.

Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ might be watchwords for any one of us even though those would usually be confined to very private, personal reflective moments.  Those might be our personal “come-to-Jesus” moments experienced while we’re alive.  If we are fortunate, we gain from all our experiences; however, those experiences that hurt usually seem to carry greater lessons.  As with anything, there are quick learners and there are slow learners.  There are those who are driven and there are those who are not.  There are those whom we’d gladly follow, and there are those who we wouldn’t follow even if we were paid to do so.

We have some control in our lives and where we’ll go and what we’ll do in those lives.  For some, there is a vivid calling.  For others, the calling is/was more subdued,  maybe even non-recognizable until the reflective later years when self-honesty seems an easier pill to swallow.

In the final analysis, we come to the point where we need to be able to be at peace with ourselves as we contemplate our lives; our successes, our hopes compared to our accomplishments; and yes, even those times when we failed since we have all failed during this life in one or more ways.  You and I have been given the opportunity to have done these things without the glare of public opinion shining on us; our private lives were far more private than the Clintons’ private lives have been.

But another blessing for you and for me.


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