Mixed Bag…

We have a mixed bag of topics today…

Hillary has now taken to blaming white women for her defeat.  Seems that everyone, and everything, other than Hillary is at fault in Hillary’s latest loss.  Who knows who or what might be next in line as the scapegoat of the day/week/month/year?

Hillary has turned herself into a pathetic bag of stale political garbage with her whining and serial excuse making.  She does not seem to grasp the reality:  she is not liked by more than those who do like her.  Every excuse is but another page in this great new book that could be titled: I am perfect but no one seems to notice.


Kim Jung-un will obviously keep firing missiles until he runs out or until we finally say “enough is enough” and decimate his military capabilities.  The danger is that we never know when he will have slipped the final cog in his mental wheel and actually tries to hit a target other than the ocean.  We will get nowhere, and get there quickly if we continue with threats that have no muscle behind them.

He will not learn his lesson unless and until we hurt him and hurt him badly.  I’d prefer assassination since that can be targeted specifically at him without hurting the North Korean populace that has paid dearly for Kim already.  This contrived ‘issue’ will not go away unless we make it go away…and preemptively is better than after the fact.


Sanctuaries from the federal law cannot exist in the United States of America.  That is is an oxymoron since the federal law applies to every inch of ground that is part of the United States of America.  Every entity that declares itself a ‘sanctuary’ from our country’s laws and policies ought to immediately lose every penny of Federal funding.  You and I obey the laws of the land.

President Trump may be judicious in not getting tough enough soon enough on such political subdivisions within our country making such declarations, but that seems to simply beg for the next such declaration, and the next after that.  The cessation of the flow of federal funds to any and all such self-declared bastions of lawlessness should be immediate.  Chicago would go belly up overnight.  Arizona’s ‘feel good’ politicians would find themselves on the street overnight and a real Sheriff would be back in his seat.  We have the means to peacefully change federal policies if the majority desires and intentional ignorance of those policies is not part of that mechanism.

Liberals usually equate to being Democratic in their political beliefs, so they can take up the sanctuary city issue on the floor of Congress if they desire.  Take a stand and then stand by that position during the next election.  If you keep your office apparently enough people agreed with you.  We know the likely places where enough will agree with you, and the rest of us using our representation in Congress can choose to deal with you as we will according to the laws of this land and not the political feel-good practices of some.  You know full well that you cannot support yourselves in the lap of luxury you’ve become accustomed to having without taking tax dollars from the rest of us to pay for your flights of fantasy.  This is but one more reason for the way in which our Founding Fathers decided this country ought to be governed.  Let’s get this question before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Special Prosecutors ought not to be as special as we’ve made them.  That is especially true when we recognize that those appointed all have political trails behind them since they’ve typically been part of ‘the system’ for years.  They can profess to be apolitical but that simply is a human impossibility except for the one or two who may’ve been able to walk on water…and their feet were quite wet in addition to the skirts or trousers being damp.  We have a Special Prosecutor now who is digging into the past business deals of the current President.  What does that have to do with his charge?  NOTHING!  That’s what.  But this bastion of justice is digging anyway.  He’ll no doubt have inserted himself, since he can without any further permission slips, into anything that strikes his fancy.

Maybe we need to create Very Special Prosecutors who would go in after the fact and determine all the things the lesser Special Prosecutor did that overstepped the bounds of the original investigation.  Won’t likely happen but XXXX darn well ought to.  You know as well as I where this really special investigation is going.

Warning – Shameless Commercial

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