Hil’s Next Play? Nix Electoral College

Hillary must hate “fly-over” country.  She has come out with a full-throated statement that the Electoral College needs to be scrapped.  After all, she won the popular vote by some 3 million votes, therefore she is the rightful occupant of the Oval Office.  But, that pesky thing we call the Electoral College got in the way.

Popular vote winners in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2,000 and now 2016 were shunted to the side track by the Electoral College.  Our ‘Founding Fathers’ have again demonstrated their wisdom with this creation.

A direct national vote would, as things are unfolding with population growth, provide that those of us outside the major population centers in our country would lose our voice.  The Founders were sympathetic to the direct vote vs. Electoral College issue.  They provided for some redress with the fact that two Senators are elected from each state while population determines the number of members of the House that each state has.

Our Constitution states that:  Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which each state may be entitled in the Congress.”  That is the accommodation to the population state-by-state that exists.  The larger the state in population, the greater that state’s number of members in the Electoral College.

Were that language not in our Constitution, those of us in states less populated would have our votes diminished in their strength so that we’d be deprived of an equal voice, or at least more equal, in national elections.  The numbers of House members reflects population while the Senate provides for two members per state regardless of population.

The total number of electors in the Electoral College equals 538.  The winner must receive a majority, or 270 electoral votes to become President.  When we vote, we are actually voting to direct our members of the Electoral College how the majority wants them to vote.  That acts as a buffer system to assure that larger states are given credit for their size since that is how the House is put together, while each state regardless of its population gets two votes representing the seated Senators.

Were it not for the Electoral College, those of us in less populated areas would not have a vote carrying the same weight as those in more heavily populated states.  Without this wisdom by the Founders, the major population centers in America would determine who sat for us in Washington, D.C.  Essentially, the big cities would determine our government since that is where we find the heaviest concentrations of people.  Las Vegas would have a voice but the rest of the Nevada population would not have an effective voice.

The Electoral College, in essence, balances the protection of individual rights and majority rule as a Heritage Foundation paper points out.  If the electoral vote were based solely on population, those of us not living in a major population center would essentially be casting votes with less than the power of the votes from those in large cities and populous states.

Again, our Founding Fathers demonstrate their wisdom was dead-on and that is further reflected by the success of the Electoral College.  This is not the time to abolish that system so that Hillary Clinton or any other ‘wanna be’, can find their way into the Oval Office because they think they’ve earned that seat.

Even with the Electoral College, the heavier population areas have the advantage in national races simply due to the number of people in each place.  Abolishing the Electoral College would give the choice to those heaviest populated areas, and frankly, those are distinctly Democrat in makeup.  That explains fully the cries of the Hillary Clintons and Al Gores of this political world.

There is nothing wrong with the Electoral College.


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One thought on “Hil’s Next Play? Nix Electoral College

  1. You are right on with the electoral college. Today, we think we are all so smart, yet the founding fathers hit the nail right on the head. I doubt we, in todays society, would be able to come up with a presidential voting system that would be as fair as the one our fore fathers devised.


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