Media Vendetta Against Trump?

It doesn’t surprise me to see that President Trump is on the decidedly skinny end of fair and balanced press coverage BUT I am disgusted and amazed at the degree of media’s lopsided coverage.

The Media Research Center has reported that, since Trump took office on January 20th and through the first three months of his time in office, there was a total of some 4,418 minutes of coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC versions of the evening news about Trump.  91% of that supposedly unbiased news coverage was negative.

Over the summer, another 415 minutes of broadcast time was spent on Trump’s campaign and supposedly an improper relationship with Russia.  94% of that coverage was negative.  The MRC also pointed out that coverage of repealing and replacing ObamaCare and of the Charlottesville rioting was 97% negative for Republicans.

Add to this the Democrat’s continuing barrage of anti-Trump rhetoric, and it is almost impossible to not understand what is occurring.  It is not at all impossible, though, to see the intent of the major media outlets to ridicule and denigrate, therefore, ideally, from their perspectives, doing away with Trump’s Presidency; at least from the perspective of that having produced anything positive.

If the Dems were getting any of the blowback they deserve, maybe this would be a different picture.  And, yes, the media is biased in favor of the Democrats; it has no defense against such a charge.  It is conducting a vendetta openly and blatantly and the White House be damned; the state of the nation be damned, as well.

The decidedly anti-Trump bias of the press is an embarrassment to that supposed ‘institution’, that bastion of freedom and truth.  It acts as a well-oiled arm of the Democrat party, and it does so with brazen pride.  There is no real attempt to paper over the facts.  The media, for the very most part, is biased toward the political left.  Always has been and likely always will be.

All that having been documented, what will be needed to effect a change in the media’s biases?  The media, clearly, sits in the catbird’s seat.  It creates whatever reality it chooses knowing that the general populace will be just as gullible as always.  It creates whatever narrative is happening at the time.  Baltimore’s police were racist.  The riots in Missouri were justified.  Tearing down historic statues is proper because the people shown were all racist.  Whether or not that was true, our history is our history.  Is that to be rewritten, as well?  If so, by whom?  The Dems and the media already seem to be doing a good job of that rewriting.

The media has a vendetta, and it is every bit liberal-driven.  The Dems are so pleased that you haven’t seen a single one of that elite ruling class interject a single dose of reality into this supposed “debate”.  So long as conservatives end up on the short end of the stick, all is well…even though it is contrived and harmful to the country.

Not at all helpful is the internecine battle within the Republican Party.  That simply adds to the negatives about Republicans and, therefore about conservatives.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as Speaker of the House is taking all the hits, and those hits are hurting him and the party.  The Republican House members are sufficiently divided so as to make Ryan’s job almost impossible.  He, of course, catches all the flak, and his opponents in both the Democrat and the rebel-Republican group, the Freedom Caucus, enjoy watching him squirm without regard to the House not being able to get done what it needs to get done.

Such is the state of politics today in our country.  And I would lay a very significant part of the overall blame for that at the feet of the media that continues to whip the issues into a storm that they, the media, make hay from at the expense of you and me and our country.

There is a ‘media vendetta’.  And it is putting us all in a bad place because too many of us cannot seem to get beyond that media smoke screen.  And, Trump could figuratively walk on water and not get a fair shake from that media.  They’d be looking for rocks he stepped on.  The Dems simply sit back and watch the media doing their job for them…as has always been the case in my lifetime.

There was an old saw about the media buying ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.

How valid that old saw was.


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