Hillary’s ‘Blame Game’

The book we’ve all been breathlessly awaiting, Hillary Clinton’s latest set of excuses, “What Happened”, is ready for your purchase.  If you are planning to purchase that piece, be careful you don’t get caught in the rush; the hordes will be out to get a copy, no doubt.  To give you one person’s thoughts, Jimmy Kimmel said it’s like “reading a book about why the Titanic sank while you’re sitting at the bottom of the ocean”.

An AP article by Jonathan Lemire and Bill Barrow went further into the content:

Clinton is unsparing in her criticism of Trump and also lays out some of the facts she believes contributed to her loss: interference from Russian hackers, accusations leveled at her by former FBI Director James Comey, a divisive battle with Bernie Sanders, even her gender.

Us Midwesterners might take some blame since she didn’t fare well in our part of the U.S. and she puts us down because some critics have said she ignored our part of the voting universe.  It is obviously our fault that she lost…and I think we ought to stand up and pat ourselves on the back for sparing the nation.  One can see the hubris oozing out of her when she says:

Some critics have said that everything hinged on me not campaigning enough in the Midwest.  And I suppose it is possible that a few more trips to Saginaw or a few more ads on the air in Waukesha could have tipped a couple thousand voters here or there.

There are some simple facts that explain Hillary’s situation and why she lost.  President Trump received more Electoral votes and those are what are tallied to determine the winner vs. the popular vote.  There is a reason we have that insulation built into the process so that us Neanderthals can have a say in our governance, as well as the elitists.

It is plain and simple; Hillary cannot comprehend her situation.  She sees herself as our political savior if only we weren’t quite so dense.  She cannot fathom her loss to Donald Trump.  She blames Jim Comey, the very guy who refused to go after her home computer garbage.  If he had done his job, she’d be in contempt of Congress or worse at this point.  She doesn’t understand why coal miners didn’t come out in support of her even though she vowed to put them “out of business”.

Were this you or me, and we’d have done what she did and/or didn’t do, and we then published this book, we’d be determined to be “delusional” and probably quite rightly so.  Hillary and Company live in some kind of alternate universe; it is mindful of Alice in Wonderland.  Her book might’ve been more aptly titled “Hillary in Wonderland”.

Were the national interest not so closely tied to the outcomes of our national elections, this might present the opportunity for a great comical movie.  I can see Lucy Arnaz in the role of Hillary and I also see the candy production line show that had me in stitches as she tried to keep up but simply couldn’t handle the job.

I did not think, and I do not think, our country would benefit from a President Hillary Clinton.  We can barely tolerate her as it is without making her the occupant of the Oval Office.  If the Clintons persist in this folly, we might be wise to open a federal investigation into all the issues they’ve so artfully managed to dodge in the past several decades.

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