Trump: The Game Changer

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, is a game changer as we’ve seen almost from Day #1 of his presidency.  Politicians and political commentators are going nuts trying to figure out his next move or to somehow justify and/or delegitimize his last move.

Now he cuts a deal with the Dems and sends some kind of notice to the Republicans, although the meaning of this “notice” is so vague that the politicos cannot seemingly begin to understand his message.

How can this be happening in our nation’s capital, in the Swamp?  I believe there is a simple answer to all the gnashing of teeth on both sides of the aisle.  It is so simple that it may be defying discovery by all the politicians and their advisors and confidants.

Donald Trump is not a politician.  Simple, I admit, but this seems the only way to begin to explain what is happening.  President Trump is in a world that has its own oxygen, its own rules, and its own gurus who know everything and who will relate that to anyone else for a price, monetary or otherwise.  Yet, he is an intruder of sorts.  We the voters sent him there, but those who make the arcane rules of ‘The Swamp’ have no rules for this new participant other than the tried and true they’ve always relied upon.

President Trump is a businessman and he is accustomed to that world.  He uses his reasoning developed in putting significantly large business deals together and then gets blindsided by a political “maneuver” such as ‘lying with a straight face’.  Democratic leaders have come to understand him, maybe better than the politicians in the party whose banner he ran under, and have learned how to maneuver in deals with him to give him something and to get something in return, thus driving the Republicans nuts, which was their (the Democrats’) ultimate goal all along.

Unless and until the Republicans learn how to work with a businessman who is now in politics, there could be a long Winter.  President Trump is going to make things happen in Washington, D.C.  If that is not possible with the Republicans, he’ll make it happen with Democrats who will be only too happy to accommodate him.  We’ve just witnessed that, and we will see it again.

Trump’s ratings are low by comparison to ratings of past Presidents.  But there is something of a phenomenon going on worldwide today.  Political leaders’ ratings around the world are lower, in the low to mid-thirties, than had always seemed the case in the past.  Timothy Daughtry writing for Townhall had this headline warning for Republicans yesterday:

“Polls Warning for GOP:  Back the Trump Agenda or Face Defeat in 2018”

That seems to be what we’re seeing today.  The voters are not willing to settle for this mishmash, this back and forth that generates no meaningful results.  We sent Trump to Washington to get done what he promised to do.  We did not expect, nor, it seems, will we go along with, the stymying of all things Trump, especially at the hands of Republicans.

The Democrats have read these tea leaves accurately, and they have learned that President Trump is willing to deal with them absent the Republicans being hospitable.  They extract what they can get while giving him what he needs to one degree or another.

President Trump has had a taste of this and he will be back for more of it IF the Republicans continue to think they’ll get him to go along with their approach and not prove they’re willing to compromise with him to get their efforts back on track.  He is, after all, a businessman as we know and he’ll find a way to get things done whether or not the Republicans are willing to work with him.

You can see that and the Democrats have obviously seen that; the Republicans had better come to grips with it quickly or Congress will become, essentially, Democrat-driven since President Trump will not sit on the sidelines waiting for his party to catch up.  He has fired that warning shot across the Republicans’ bow.  Time will tell if the message has been received.

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