Being Hillary: Tough Job

Can you even begin to imagine what it must be like when Hillary Clinton awakens in the morning?  She must feel as though she has become part of an ugly, never-ending night and daymare.  She knows she is lovable and cannot, therefore, understand how so many people can have the feelings they apparently have about her.  Something is awry; this is simply not the way everything was laid out.

Maybe this is a real life ‘Hillary in Wonderland’ story where nothing is as it seems.  Maybe Hil has actually gone over the edge and we’re all simply bit players in her internally-visualized story.  We do have a role in Hillary’s story, after all.  Just because we don’t seem to learn our parts as well as we ought, she believes her continuing spiral of losses and abandonment by the voting public is somehow the public’s fault…our fault.

So, how does she resolve this issue?  She (and a ghost writer or two ?) writes another book and tours the country touting that book.  Of course, this book is only about setting us straight on why we ought to love her, and why that ought to translate into more votes for her should she run again; it certainly has nothing to do with Hil amassing more money.  Lordy no!

We are suffering from a significant case of ‘Clinton Fatigue’ and it encompasses the three Clintons; mother, father, and daughter.  They are cut from the same bolt of cloth, obviously.  Slick Willy is still out and about sometimes to Hil’s consternation (remember the tarmac visit), I’m sure.  Chelsea seems on the road to becoming the spitting image of Mom including Mom’s lack of likeability.

The Dems are not at all enthused with her “Energizer Bunny” imitation.  I suspect they’d just as soon see her finally get the message and hang up her cleats.  But, she is anything but a quitter…even when we the people have been trying to get the opposite message across to her.  PLEASE GO AWAY, HILLARY.  Maybe a national billboard campaign would finally get to her.  I doubt there’d be any problem in raising money to support that project.  Maybe that would qualify as a ‘Public Service’ effort.

In the meantime, the Dems are very concerned that she is continuing to damage the Democratic Party.  For a simple reason, they are able to read the tea leaves while she is in what is likely the all-time greatest state of denial to be witnessed in our lifetimes.

Approval ratings are the ‘in thing’ these days witness the drubbing President Trump takes from the media with his approximate 36% approval rating.  Yet he leaves Hillary in the dust with her even more meager rating of 30% based on the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of September 6th.  There are some indications, on the rating thing, that ratings for politicos are off world wide, but that is for another day.

Either we the people are sick and tired of being polled or we are simply being truthful when we’re called.  It could be either, but the reasoning behind the polls isn’t as important as are the results of these polls.  Trump has never polled very well so he has the opportunity to recover and gain ground in future polls.  Hillary has been at this game forever and she is on a continual downhill slide…with seemingly little further opportunity to favorably influence our opinions of her other than by leaving us alone and going home to celebrate her great wealth that came from somewhere other than her/their hard work.

Little Rock is a long time ago, but the Clintons have pretty much stayed the same as they were in that era.  They are seemingly great ‘takers’ with less-than-the-average person’s morals to slow them down.  They have apparently raised their daughter in that grand tradition as would be expected.

And, on top of all of this, there is pesky Bernie Sanders, a professed socialist who is taking Hil down the rosy path toward yet another less-than-glamorous defeat should she keep an oar in the water for another shot.

We are being treated to an embarrassing case of ‘great denial’.  People are not fond of Hillary, hence the rating, and yet you almost have to feel sorry for her.  There is no error in these polls.  She is not a likable person.  Her daughter isn’t much better.  Bill doesn’t help this situation with his style and our remembrance of what the ‘Bill’ era brought us.  We need at least a decade of recovery from Clintonitis before anyone with that name should venture into politics unless maybe at the local level somewhere.

What doesn’t this family unit get about where we the people think they belong?  How much longer do they need that drumbeat to continue in order to come to grips with the facts?  They ‘ain’t what they used to be’ in the opinion of a significant majority which has to include a bunch of Democrats.


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