Obama & DACA; Trump’s Fault?

Then-President Barack Obama used an Executive Order to create the DACA mess since, as he said, Congress wouldn’t do its job.  The former President admitted that what he did in creating this mess was never authorized by Congress but that this shouldn’t make any difference since he, apparently, was, and still is, above the law.

Now, current-President Donald Trump, the only President we have at the moment, by the way,  took exception to the improper creation of DACA and has killed it because it was illegally constituted in the first place.   Obama, somehow, in his convoluted and politically-tainted thought process, has the laid the blame for his transgressions at the feet of President Trump.

President Trump has correctly placed this subject in the collective Congressional laps and basically has said to Congress, if this is truly what you want, pass a law.

As the result, as you might have foreseen, President Trump is the absolute worst thing that ever happened to this country if we are to believe a former President and the elected Democrats.  He saw the abuse that his predecessor wrought through Executive Order, took steps to seek Congress’ thinking by killing the improperly created DACA program of his predecessor, and sending the message to the current seated Congress to recreate this program legally should this Congress believe in that approach.

The old phrase “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” comes to mind; on the one hand, was Trump to have permitted an illegally employed executive order to remain, effectively, the law of the land, he would have been guilty of malfeasance in office.  Now, when he offers Congress the opportunity to right the wrong of Obama by properly passing a ‘DACA’ of its own creation as should’ve been done in the past Administration, he takes flack as if he were the miscreant who created this heinous hoax on hundreds of thousands (800,000+) of illegal immigrants.  Righting that wrong then, by current press standards, makes President Trump the bad guy.

Had we a truly apolitical press corps, we’d be hearing the anguished cries without the aid of electronic transmission.  BUT, this same press corps tacitly (or actively) permitted the transgressions of former President Barack Obama while totally ignoring the attempts to make it right by our current President Donald Trump.  Congress at the time this transgression occurred had to have known it was not legal given how jealously it protects its turf, yet it permitted the DACA kids to ‘come on in’.  President Trump saw the illegality and is making every effort to correct the illegal actions by the earlier President and the neglect of that Congress.

This is but one example.  How many other such transgressions occurred and still lie there as ticking time bombs?  Is there no possibility that the myth that Obama was a great President will be shattered one of these days by an honest press?  An improperly acting President coupled with a negligent Congress is a dangerous combination.

As this is being written, I overheard parts of the press conference where the inquisitors were apoplectic over the Trump action while they refuse to even be made to think about the fact that DACA was illegal from day one forward.  It was an egregious overstep by then President Obama.

Maybe it is time that we bring the ‘press’ to the docket and try that group for its complicity in this illegal action by the previous Administration.  Then, we might bring the Democrats in Congress to that same docket for its continuing complicity in ‘overlooking’ the illegal use of Presidential powers.  Can you even begin to imagine the hue and cry were this to have been perpetrated by our current President Donald Trump?


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