Krazy Kim (Jung Un)

Kim Jung Un, hereafter in this piece “Krazy Kim”, seems, on occasion to be rational albeit for very short periods of time.  Then he reverts to what has become the ‘raving madman of the Orient’ who loves to play with his weapons.  It may be that he believes the better his weaponry, the better liked and received he’ll be.  I fear, for all of us, that he is a bit off the mark if that is what he thinks.  I fear, for all of us and for his people, that he is truly psychotic.

It must be hard to be a dictator and still remain well-balanced.  Obviously, Krazy Kim has not mastered the art; he is anything but well-balanced. He is in absolute control of everything in North Korea.  He decides who lives, who dies, and who is kept in the dark in-between and horrible world of being alive and wishing they could be dead to end the terrible conditions, including torture, mental and physical.

Kim is obviously a human-being but without an apparent soul, as you and I know it, and without the most basic sense of decency toward other humans.  He is feared by all in his country and may believe that he is feared equally by those in other countries.  We are concerned about Kim and his seeming/apparent instability but we do not fear him as he is accustomed to being feared…and worshipped…since he is the North Koreans’ everything all wrapped into one chubby, irrational, and mean human body.  If we but trace his history, and it is a relatively brief history that could end at almost any moment given his actions and erratic protestations, he is an unpredictable Godless dictatorial man who has been so coddled and bowed down to in his relatively few years that he actually has come to believe in his own inevitability.

Killing your own brother, to eliminate him as a potential competitor for leadership, does not seem to speak to being a normal human being.  He is all this and more, BUT he is also in total control of the weaponry his technicians have managed to create under penalty of death or worse, and he alone controls his impulses among which may soon be that of firing a nuclear-armed missile at us or a possession or an ally.

This is an increasingly more realistic likelihood.  He seems to get a bit more squirrely with every day that passes.  He is, frankly, capable of anything we could dream up and probably more than we can comprehend, and he has probably thought of that list of things for many months or even for years.  I fear that he may be even more vile than we’ve given him credit for being, and that could inure to our misfortune.  We Americans do not know what the trigger event would be for President Trump and our national security team.

Will we decide to strike preemptively or will we feel it better to wait for his action and then take counter-action?  I don’t know, you don’t know and even the President at this point seems unsure of the pathway and the timing.  I suspect there are plans laid and tested for either eventuality.  Our military minds are very accustomed to ‘gaming’ prospective missions, not to say that they see it as a game, but that they work diligently to find flaws in their thinking that might’ve crept into the plan.

So, we civilians watch as Kim changes his chameleon-like being from day-to-day given whatever his ‘whim of the day’ entails.  He has no one to watch over his shoulder with cautionary words or thoughts.  Anyone who might’ve felt so obligated is likely long since dead.

We civilians are likely to remain in this hazy world of supposition and wonder that there could be such a madman in a leadership role of a rogue nation, but we’d better get our heads wrapped around this major problem.  It is a ‘today’ versus a ‘tomorrow’ problem.  It is coming ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’.

And…it is real!


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