Sheriff Joe…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has his freedom back and also has a semblance of his honor restored courtesy of President Trump and his pardon.  Sheriff Arpaio was something of an ‘everyman’s sheriff’.  He enforced the law and made rules he expected his wards, the people who broke the law, to follow.  He was not what some might call a “mollycoddler”.  His wards had all been convicted of crimes and Sheriff Joe didn’t believe they were ‘entitled’ to anything other than a place to sleep, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

The place to sleep was a tent for a period of time.  The food to eat was plain old food without any frills.  The clothes were pink at one point.  If one escaped, it would be easy to see a person wearing pink clothes and put two and two together.  If the prisoners were not happy with their treatment, even though humane, Sheriff Joe felt they might learn to avoid breaking the law once released.

The Sheriff finally was corralled and found himself in the liberal system of courts.  The Ninth Circuit is a liberal court system…as are many, unfortunately…and Sheriff Joe was the person they felt had to be made an example of to preclude others from thinking like him.  The legal minds in the Ninth Circuit simply could not believe that a law enforcement officer could have the belief system that was held by Sheriff Joe.  He was conservative, and therefore a pariah, and he felt the law said what it meant, not what some liberal judge chose to interpret it to mean.

The Federal courts are, unfortunately, too often over-loaded with liberals for whom the law was not meant to be interpreted as written, but, instead, was awaiting their ‘liberal elite’ interpretation.  That is what liberal Presidents and liberal Congresses do when they are in power since they always know better than conservatives and often better than the people who elected them.

The fact that he had been through four elections and had won them all meant nothing to the liberal court system.  This man had to be reined in, in spite of his election victories at the hands of the average citizen, and made an example of to preclude other wayward conservatives from thinking they could change the way things were run in that part of the country.  Presidents Clinton and Obama are largely responsible for the federal court system we have today through their appointments over the eight years they were in control of the White House along with the aid of the Dems in Congress.

Some felt President Trump was out-of-bounds in his pardon of Sheriff Arpaio, but Trump did what he knew was right and gave Sheriff Joe his freedom from the persecution he had been subjected to…and yes, it was persecution of liberals aimed at conservatives.

So, this 85-year-old former Sheriff is free to walk the streets he so jealously protected from the illegals and the criminals.  The libs in the Ninth Circuit have learned there is a new President in town.  Will that alter their verdicts?  Not likely, but it might make them a bit more judicious in their approach to judging people lest they invite another embarrassing reversal courtesy of the new President.

This also tells, and shows, us that what we thought we heard in the things President Trump told us he stood for are rooted in truth and that if he has the opportunity, he’ll do this over and again to correct wrongs.  How refreshing is it to get what we thought we were getting?  Even though the liberals think we have finally lost our minds completely, we can still pluck out a few meaningful victories here and there…in spite of ‘the system’.

Hail to the Chief!

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