Most Conservative Cities…

The Pew Research Center has built a list of the most conservative cities in America and that, then, obviously also is a list of the least conservative cities in America.  The findings of this study, that was conducted by two professors, one each from MIT and UCLA, was published in the American Political Science Review.

Factors used to achieve these rankings included tax burden, spending per capita of the governments, the share of taxes raised through property vs. sales taxes and the resident’s views on environmental policies (greenhouse gasses, recycling, solar power and so on), minimum wage, immigration policies (“sanctuary cities”), gun control, universal health care, abortion and LGBT rights.  It is found at

The scale of this study began with a midpoint of zero and extended to 0.5 and 1.0 in both directions from the midpoint achieving the most liberal at the leftmost point and the most conservative at the rightmost point.  A total of 67 cities were included and 11 (16.4%) were on the conservative side of the grid, 2 were in the exact center and 54 (80.6%) were on the liberal side of the spectrum.

The conservative cities in descending order of conservatism were Mesa, AZ, Oklahoma City, OK, Virginia Beach, VA, Colorado Springs, CO, Jacksonville, FL, Arlington, TX, Anaheim, CA, Omaha, NE, Tulsa, OK, Aurora, CO, and Anchorage, AK.

The two cities deemed to be at the midpoint were Fort Worth, TX, and Fresno, CA.

The most liberal to the least liberal cities:

San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Oakland, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Buffalo, Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, St. Paul, Austin, TX, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Denver, Newark, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Kansas City, Honolulu, San Diego, Memphis, Sacramento, San Jose, Raleigh, Long Beach, Milwaukee, Columbus, Dallas, Albuquerque, Tucson, Cincinnati, Santa Ana, Houston, Toledo, Charlotte, Tampa, Indianapolis, Louisville, El Paso, Riverside, Lexington, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Wichita, Nashville, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.

San Francisco is rated to be twice as liberal as Mesa is conservative.

Mesa taxed $390 per capita and spent $1,418 per capita while San Francisco taxed $2,996 per capita and spent $6,301 per capita.  Mesa has no property taxes and has corporations like Apple, and Boeing in its world.

Interestingly enough, the survey found that even the most conservative cities “are not that conservative relative to the average American.

Conservatives may often feel in the minority, but this study seems to be saying that we are a much stronger political voice than would be apparent.

If you’re looking to find a place where conservatives seem to be more dominant, Mesa might be it, but the county in which it is found is growing quite rapidly.  The common thought would be that those being added would be like-minded citizens attracted by the conservative values.

Living in a Milwaukee suburb, I can attest to the fact that we suburbanites appear to be more conservative than liberal according to our voting patterns and our governing bodies.

Sort of heavy reading, but I thought it interesting enough to publish.

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