Democrats In Waiting…

The names of two Democrats are already in play as potential presidential candidates in 2020.  If these two are the Dems’ ‘cream of the crop’, they seem bereft of talent.  There are also two more who might gain attention.

The two names being bandied about are those of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).  Others in the rumor mill are Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former VP, Joe Biden.  A Franken aide has advised that Franken shouldn’t be in this discussion since he is very happy to be in the U.S. Senate, for whatever that is worth.

Franken matriculated through ‘Saturday Night Live’ and that seemingly for the Democrats is a claim to fame worthy of consideration as their pick to go against the Republican’s candidate, presumably sitting President Donald Trump.  I say presumably since there is a lot of time left before such declarations and we know that President Trump can be a bit unpredictable.  I voted for him and I’d vote for him again based on what I’ve seen to this point.

Sen. Warren has been given the nickname ‘Pocahontas’ given her claim to having American Indian blood many times removed.  She has been proved a potentially nasty enemy so far in her time in the Senate.  Joe Biden, Uncle Joe, is probably the most loveable Democrat who could be placed into nomination, although his name has not been mentioned to this point.

If President Trump runs for a second term, and if the Dems pick what they believe to be is a person who can stand toe-to-toe and exchange punches with President Trump, of one thing we can be certain; this will be a nasty campaign from the start and can only get worse over the long pull.  The one thing that could change this equation, in my opinion, would be a very ‘Presidential’ Donald Trump who refuses to rise to the bait, and instead, takes the high road from start to finish.

A more mellow Trump with the benefit of four years of experience might be a very tough player.  If, and that is always a big IF, we have had a good, solid first term with any President, we seem more inclined to go with the known quantity rather than to embark on a new adventure.  Even President Obama was re-elected.

If the Dems feel they have to have a nasty, snarling, petulant candidate to be equal to or have the advantage over President Trump, I would be expectant of that backfiring on them.  That, of course, presumes that President Trump would remain above the fray and that, admittedly, would be a reach for the Donald Trump we know today.  The Oval Office seems to have an effect on each person who occupies that office.  There seems a maturation combined with a mellowing which would, in my estimation, make President Trump a tough person to evict.

All this is, of course, conjecture.  If the Dems see a Franken or a Warren or a Sanders as their best shot, I think there’ll be a very interesting race ahead.  Uncle Joe might be a problem given his likeability.

This, of course, presumes that the Dems will not have managed to impeach President Trump during his first term.  There is still plenty of time to saddle that pony and they’d love to be able to hang that on him, win or lose.

This has only just begun and it is already a bit tiring.  A perpetual campaign mode is just that…tiring.

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