Phoenix Rolls Over…

The Phoenix Police Chief, Jeri Williams, had a private meeting with a leftist group (People Power), according to Judicial Watch and then a few weeks later Phoenix implemented an order banning police from making contact with the Feds when they apprehend an illegal alien.

Going further, the former term “illegal alien” has now been purified to “unlawfully present”.  Isn’t that sweet?  This follows the election of a new Sheriff for Maricopa County who reportedly has been releasing hundreds of criminal illegal aliens (unlawfully present, obviously).

People Power was formed by the ACLU in what it said was a direct response to the “Trump administration’s attacks on civil liberties and civil rights”.

It is way past time for these “Sanctuary  Cities” to be nailed by the Feds and some of that is occurring but way too little and way too late.  People are either here legally, permanent or temporary, or they are illegal.   There is no gray area.  There is no ‘test of time’ without a record of violence or criminal activity.  Illegal aliens are, by definition, illegal.  Unless or until they have become lawful citizens or the law is changed retroactively, they remain illegal and have no rights as a citizen of the United States has.

There is nothing confusing about this.  You are here legally or not.  You are a citizen or you aren’t.  The hodge-podge of liberally-aligned ‘sanctuary’ cities are acting illegally and they need to be punished by more than a slap on the fingers.  I wonder, how long will it be before illegal aliens are given the right to vote by cities and/or states?

Those communities need to be reminded with great emphasis that they are not free to permit federal laws to be trampled by declaring themselves to be “sanctuaries” as if they are a church in medieval times sheltering people who were worshipping.  These enabling units of government, that do not have the power they assume when declaring themselves “Sanctuary Cities”, need to be severely and quickly punished.  The states that permit this to occur, and actually encourage it to go forward, need to be unplugged from the Federal teat until they come to understand they are violating the law and that there is a price to pay for that.

This is nothing short of anarchy.  The former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, paid the price for observing the law.  His sworn duty was to uphold the law.  He met up with a Federal Court Judge who saw things differently and he awaits the results having been found guilty of criminal contempt.  There is the potential that he’ll be awarded a Presidential pardon but that has not yet occurred.

This is, fortunately, or unfortunately, yet another example of the philosophic differences between liberals and conservatives.  On the one hand, there is a ‘touchy/feely’ approach to governing.  On the other hand, there is a constitutionally authorized and delineated approach to governing.  I have no idea how long it will take for a ‘sanctuary city’ issue to make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but, at the moment, it seems this will be the only way to resolve this head-to-head confrontation unless Congress steps up to the plate which will be a real surprise if it should occur.

The liberals have effectively taken over various segments of government and there are too many liberal judges to rely on the courts to resolve this constitutional challenge.  Lives are being affected for the better or worse when laws are ignored/broken.

Citizenship should not be up to the definition-of-the-day like soup on a menu board.  Judges who violate the Constitution ought to pay the price for that violation just as any citizen would.  Judges are not immune even though they might think they are simply testing the bounds of acceptability.  This issue needs to go to the U.S. Supreme Court quickly.  Quickly in that world, however, is usually measured in years and not months.

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