Trump-kabob: Special of the Month?

It seems that the mainstream media will continue dogging President Trump until it has managed to skewer him.  Admittedly, he is quite a target for the press and all the media ‘gotcha’ experts who live for that opportunity.  After all, they think they could make an entire career with the well-aimed story that managed to cause his removal from office.

I have to admit that President Trump does cause much of his own anguish since he is not the consummate politician but instead is a successful businessman.  There are not many people used to being in command of a business empire who could turn on a dime and become the obsequious kiss-up that the press desires in the Oval Office.  That is especially true when the press was salivating over the opportunities to make this guy look the buffoon when it got him on their turf in political office.

It is true that he has provided them too much ammunition, but all this uproar would’ve been done with in a couple of weeks had the guy not been Donald Trump, the arch-villain from New York City.  He has had some difficulty in adjusting to his new spot, but he does seem to be making progress every week.

Added to all this is the simple fact that President Trump is, indeed, a conservative.  That alone would’ve assured that he was in for a real fight to gain credibility with the press; to the point that his handlers would’ve been wise to tell him not to worry about that, and have been quite public about what they’d advised him on this subject.

President Trump has made some errors in approach.  I believe his decisions on governance have been excellent, and seem to get better all the time.  He is growing in office as many Presidents before him have done.   Not many walk into that office and immediately become Presidential.  President Obama thought he’d made that happen but his situation was simply that he couldn’t overcome his swagger and his ‘stare down his nose’ approach to government work.  He was above the office from his point-of-view but deigned to bless us with his presence.

Time will tell if President Trump will overcome the press’ attempts to trip him up at every opportunity.  He has been a pretty easy target given some of his ‘people’ decisions.  But, on the ‘big deal’ subjects, President Trump is hitting way above his weight, and he is getting better by the week.  He still gives into temptation too often, but he is, at least, aware of that when he reflects.

When the big issues arise, he is quite willing and able to engage those and make the tough decisions.  He managed to get the megaphone away from Kim Jung-un, at least for now.  He has made some good and some not-so-good choices in staffing appointments but that can happen to anyone; especially when there is so much political BS going on day-in and day-out designed to embarrass him.

I don’t think we’ll see Trump-kabob on the menu anytime soon.  Those games tend to run out of steam when there is nothing to show for them.  Political capital can be wasted very easily by both sides.  The Dems have been reduced to whining about this and about that while Trump makes the big decisions in spite of them.  Some good people have been through the wringer in his behalf, but that, too, is part of the game.  They all knew of the possibilities when they signed on.

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