Electoral Fraud?

The Judicial Watch organization has found that that there are some 3.5 million more people registered to vote in the United States than are alive among America’s adult citizens.”  An August 16, 2017, Editorial went on to state…

  • 462 counties in the U.S. had a registration rate exceeding 100% of eligible voters
  • California has eleven counties with more registered voters than actual voters; ten of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.
  • there are 21 states that don’t have 3.5 million people in them; this can distort national outcomes.

I have direct experience in Wisconsin as a poll worker and would be surprised if there is any significant degree of voter fraud in this state, but, that said, there has been some reliable evidence of Illinois residents being ‘imported’ into Wisconsin, and permitted to vote, and then being driven home to Illinois.

Election integrity is critical in any country.  I am reminded of the purple fingers of people who had voted in a country in the Middle East being proudly displayed.  Maybe that ought to be adopted in our country but even that would not preclude an illegally-registered voter from voting.

The most recent Presidential election still has those who think that Donald Trump somehow was credited with more votes than were actually cast for him.  Those people are, almost without doubt, Hillary Clinton supporters who still think they were somehow cheated since no one in their right minds would’ve voted for Donald Trump.

Is there some level of voter fraud in the U.S.?  It would be almost impossible for there not to be some level even with the various fail safes in place.  Again, I don’t know how that could occur in Wisconsin, but that is only one state.

The Pew Charitable Trust released a report that approximately 2.75 million people had active registrations in more than one state.  They also reported that one of every eight active voter registrations in the U.S. were no longer valid or were ‘significantly’ inaccurate.  There were also 1.8 million deceased persons listed as active voters based on that report.

We would probably think that every citizen would prefer tough voter regulations assuring that each vote cast was cast by a properly vetted and registered voter.  That, unfortunately, isn’t always true.  It seems, for some reason, that former head of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, actively blocked attempts by states to enact voter ID laws.

There are deep strains of emotion connected with politics.  Some people would win at any cost.  It is critical that we keep our elections honest and there seems no reason for anything but uniformity amongst the states, and for strict enforcement by each state with federal oversight when that proves necessary.

This, unfortunately, seems among those common sense issues that sometimes are anything but common sense.  We have to remember that politics at any level can be less-than-honest.  And, the higher the level at which this occurs, the worse the problem can become.  As much as it galls me to say this…there may be a need for federal oversight and more uniformity of voting rules and regulations amongst the states.

Our democracy relies on the faith of its citizens.

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