Charlottesville Blowback…

It probably should have been expected that the Charlottesville planned riot (that seems to be exactly what it was, as contrived and organized as it was) would live on for some time so far as the commentary, the speechifying and the ridiculous positions ascribed by some.  Of course, President Trump, as usual, makes a very tempting target.  One might think there is nothing that he can ever do, other than resign, that will end the pillorying, but that isn’t true.  He will continue to be pilloried resignation or not.  He is simply way too tempting a target often as the result, simply, of who he is or what he has said or done in the past day or so.  He does seem to get in his own way occasionally.

The Charlottesville furor has, of course, spawned other outcries.  There are the continuing cries for resignation because we all know this was the fault of President Trump.   He mentioned that there was historic value in the statues and was vilified for that even though there is historic value.  We cannot be what we need to be without remembering the past which is not always a pleasant thing to remember.  Dragging a statue off its pedestal does not change reality…but it does show the idiocy of some of our fellow citizens.

Quite simply, President Trump is at the point of being damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  He has had a bit of a different start in his first term given the eccentricities he carries along with him, but most of us recognize that he could figuratively ‘walk on water’ and still be vilified.

There are many groups that feel invested in this debacle and most are looking to see what they can gain as the result.  Some obviously find the primary focus that of race.  They see everything through that lens.  Trump identifies the statues as being historic and that makes him even a worse racist than he has been painted as being before by those same groups.  Quite simply there are things historic of which we cannot be proud but which ought to be in place as a reminder of our failings, and of the fact that we have largely overcome those failings despite what some in Congress would have us believe.

The toppling of statues in other parts of our country is, to my thinking, a desecration no matter that they might be a reminder of a racist past.  They serve a purpose for posterity.  Unfortunately, some who would seek the limelight find these statues perfect for their goals no matter that they depict people who had an impact on our history.  Some will see those people as villains while others see them as a part of our history, either good or bad.

These groups are in it for their own aggrandizement.  Groups seeking to position themselves as press-worthy too often seem to resort to ridiculous methods for exposure.

And, as was, unfortunately, to be expected we have politicians posing for their own ‘holy pictures’ by voicing their continuing angst with our President.  They either want his resignation or they want him to be impeached.  There are not many in the 535 seats of the Senate and the House who have no character flaws, or worse, of their own.  They are, as we are, human.  But too often they seem to desire to transcend their personal “humanness” with preachy statements that overlook their own weaknesses.  Gaining glory at the expense of others is all too common amongst some in this group of 535.



















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