Antifa? Really?

First, if there is something now known as Antifa, what is it about?  This group, by definition, is anti-fascist, or against fascism.  This group is supposedly demonstrating about the situation in Charlottesville.  So, we look at definitions.

Fascism is defined as a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation, and often race, above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic (vs. democratic) government headed by a dictatorial (vs. elected) leader, severe economic regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition and/or a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control where the leader has absolute control over everything. That person makes all the rules and those are enforced by his police powers and there is no way around the facts.

This group is basically aiming its venom at President Trump apparently equating him to a Mussolini style dictatorial-like leader but neglects the facts that surround this situation.  President Trump was elected by the people based on the Electoral College vote since we use that mechanism to reflect the will of the people.  In this case, the popular vote was greater for Hillary Clinton BUT the Electoral College vote was greater for President Trump, therefore he was declared the President according to the Constitution.

So, President Trump is not a dictator.  Our country is a democracy and not a dictatorship.  We elect members of Congress to make laws.  The rules of our way of operating as a country are well thought and have proved to be proper and desirable over the centuries.

Those out-of-power have a voice to reach the people just as do those in the roles of power.  We un-elect people all the time because they didn’t do what we wanted them to do.  That is how a democracy works.  The people make the decisions.  There is no one person who runs everything as a dictator does.  That kind of society can be found in North Korea but not in the United States.

The Antifa groups like the color black and they like to remain anonymous so they often wear masks.  They claim that certain types of speech are violent in and of themselves and that this, therefore, makes their own real violent tactics a necessity.  It seems that Antifa groups create their own set of “facts” to support their rationale for rioting, toppling statues, and generally disrupting society.

Antifa might have had a place in Mussolini’s time, but it has no place in our country in this day and age.  The members of this group are nothing more than violent disruptors, vicious bullies trying to force their will upon the voters who already made their desires known in voting booths.

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