It Is Up To Each Of Us…

In the final analysis what we believe and think is up to us.  Sure, you say.  Where did this wisdom spring from?

What drives this blog is today’s major news sources and how much what you and I see/saw with our own eyes gets changed from what we see/saw by the liberal press.  We saw what we saw in Charlottesville.  We saw what we saw in North Korea’s missile launches.  BUT, as soon as what we saw and heard gets ‘processed’ by the various news outlets, we get a different set of things we’re told we should’ve seen or that we should’ve thought.

It isn’t quite said that way but the inference is that if we saw or heard something the news source didn’t want anyone to see or hear, then we must’ve been mistaken in what we originally thought we saw or heard.  Then, as that tide builds, if we insist that what we saw or heard was accurate, we become ostracized as misinformed, mistaken or simply not wise enough to wipe our noses when they run.

If you are a bit of a news ‘junkie’ you may know what I am getting at.  We probably are more discerning if we gather input from different sources so long as we recognize the leanings of each source.  I actually have come to enjoy the meanderings of the leftie news sources, which are most of them.  I just scanned the headlines on today’s Time magazine e-news.  They are decidedly left on the majority of issues and they didn’t disappoint today.  If that were the sole source I went to and if I hadn’t been very aware of what went on in Charlottesville because I couldn’t watch anything but that, I might have a totally different take than I actually have.

Is this an intentional distortion of news by various sources?  I believe that answer is yes in some cases, maybe more than I’d like to admit.  We do have decidedly conservative sources and decidedly liberal sources for news and commentary.  True, the number of conservative sources is meager compared to the number of liberal sources.  I believe that liberal news sources are driven by liberals and that these liberals intentionally report from a “left is good” perspective.  There is no other reasonable explanation.  Their beliefs are so ingrained that they may not even be aware that this is what they’re doing, although I admit that is really hard to believe.

We are exposed to more of this ‘doctored’ news because we elected Donald Trump as our President.  That simple fact both inflamed and amazed the left that ‘we the people’ could be so simple-minded as to not see that Hillary Clinton was the superior choice.  Why didn’t we consider all the good things that came from the preceding Obama years?  We will be subjected, not treated, to this mindset from major media outlets for at least the first term, and ideally for the full eight years of a two-term President Trump.

Simply watching a Presidential press conference is all we need to see the left at work.  If we are not able to discern between the two story lines and simply accept that the louder voices are correct, then we will soon be a very left-leaning country even though many of us, I believe a majority of us, are conservative more than we are liberal.  We may have some mixed feelings given a particular subject.  But, we are conservative when the issues are potentially life-changing.

In the last Presidential election, we conservatives and those in the middle that change outcomes by where their votes go, decided we wanted a more conservative approach to the issues of the day given our past eight years with liberals driving the country.  That, of course, flew in the face of the left including the liberal-press and thus we are where we are today having to be very careful about from ‘what’ and from ‘where’ we get our news.

The last point is this: the left shows its true colors when a Charlottesville occurs.  They immediately jumped to their emotional conclusion even before the dust had settled.  Conservatives processed what we saw and heard and made an informed decision devoid of emotion.  There is a huge difference between logic and emotion.  That does not mean we conservatives are not aware of the emotional side of things.  It means that emotion is not the sole nor most important driver when we consider issues and make decisions.



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