Auntie Maxine (Ms. Vitriol)

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has made her name synonymous with flamboyant and vitriolic rants aimed at anything and everything Republican.  She is given a free pass no matter what she says.  She loves her nickname of Auntie Maxine.

While President Trump is probably the most well-known Twitter user in the land, Maxine runs a very close second.  I think, frankly, her tweets are more acerbic and flamboyant than are those coming from the Oval Office.  Yet, the press dials in on President Trump and pays absolutely no attention to Rep. Waters’ hateful tweets.

She appeals to young black activists and that is probably where the nickname of “Auntie” evolved from.  She believes that she is endeared to her constituents because she tells it straight from her perspective.  They apparently agree with that since she gets re-elected without much effort.

Her outbursts are classic even though they have no place on the floor of Congress.  BUT, there is no one, even in her own party, who will venture to admonish a black woman although if a Republican woman acted out in this manner I suspect she’d be ejected from the chamber in quick order.  She is quoted as saying about President Trump: “I can’t get it out of my head, I’ve never seen anybody as disgusting and disrespectful as he is.”

All Auntie Maxine has to do is look in the mirror.  She refused to attend the inauguration and skipped out on President Trump’s first speech to Congress.  She told the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t honor this president.  I don’t respect this president.  I am not joyful in the presence of this president”.  I imagine that she felt honor for and respect and was joyful in the presence of Barack Obama.  She has vowed to “fight every day until Trump is impeached”.  She calls the WhiteHouse staff the “Kremlin Klan”.  Note how she deftly tied Russia and the Ku Klux Klan together in that salvo.

Maxine is 76 now and has been winning re-election by gaining 70% of the vote.  She’ll be around for so long as her health holds and that does not seem to be a problem.  And she’ll not change unless that change is to get even angrier and more outspoken…if that is even possible.

President Trump has an edge about him but he also has class and dignity when that is called for.  Rep. Waters is probably not a bad person but her act is so vile and objectionable as to make her what she is.  There are different rules for Republicans and for Democrats.  That becomes blindingly evident when one looks at the actions of Rep. Waters, but for some reason, she is given a pass.  Actually, she is encouraged by her fellow Democrats.

Can you imagine how the Democrats would react if a Republican man or woman were to act similarly?  We both know the answer.  There have been two sets of rules for ages in Congress.  And those are supported by the press given that no mention is ever made of Rep. Waters’ tirades.  When was the last time you saw or heard anything about the language employed by Maxine Waters?

Don’t hold your breath!


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