Clinton Lynch Tarmac Meeting…

The tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch simply is not going to go away.  The August 21st edition of the Weekly Standard magazine includes a review and comparison to the “what if” this had occurred today with President Trump in office and various and sundry investigations being conducted to attempt to find some evidence that could be used to force him from office.

It is amazing, although we should never be amazed anymore over the Democrat’s inoculation against any form of condemnation as to personal conduct.  Even personal conduct that would obviously land Republican office-holders in deep ‘do-do’ should they engage in similar activities.

The working press, thought to be ever-vigilant, was implicated through its choice of not reporting this incident until it became very embarrassing and it found it at least needed to try to dissuade people from thinking it complicit.  We see the complete opposite in today’s press, many of whom were members of that vaunted group then.  Today’s press is ever-vigilant to the point that it tries to make something of virtually nothing given that President Trump is in the Oval Office.

double standard seems evident to most anyone willing to remove his or her blinders and see the realities of today versus the vagueries of yesteryear.  Democrats in power? Never mind these little asides.  Republicans in power?  Use anything you can dream up to make trouble.  Especially when there is this Republican person in the White House who simply doesn’t belong in the role of President of the United States of America.  This Trump person.  Oh, the shame of it.

Democrats don’t seem to see anything that isn’t something to be used against Republicans.  Witness the lack of interest in the daily affairs in Washington, D.C. except for the interest in when the Special Prosecutor will let fly with all his findings that will surely drive President Trump from the White House in disgrace.

We know that a double standard exists.  We know that everyone in Washington, D.C. knows that a double standard exists.  We know that this double standard is always favorable to Democrats and never favorable to Republicans.  We know this must be in violation of at least one or two rules of law.  We know that the ‘free press’ is simply in the Democrats’ back pocket with very rare exception.

We are Conservatives who are very familiar with the term short shrift.  Essentially that means that some give virtually no recognition of and disgust with those things which are improper when they are done by members of their own ilk.  We also know that the press is complicit through its non-reporting.  This is the same press that screams to High Heaven whenever it is accused of something of this nature.  That happens for a day or two and then the news cycle goes back to normal: liberals good, conservatives bad.

If you have an interest in this Weekly Standard piece, it can be found on their website.  It is very well crafted and does not mince many if any, words.  For example, Bill Clinton was supposedly in Phoenix to play golf but there is no record of him playing golf before or after this meeting.  This is the meeting that Attorney General Lynch told then FBI Director to simply call the investigation of a “matter”.

Contrast that with what is ongoing in Washington, D.C. today.  There is no comparison to what Republicans/Conservatives are forced to go through in comparison to the free rides extended to Democrat after Democrat.  I would think this transcends nearly to the level of criminal activity when investigations are drummed up for Republicans and never given a thought for Democrats.  Obfuscations are really cover-ups in the world of Democrats, and they are very comfortable invoking their “rights” to a free pass.  And, they never seem bothered when they deny those same favorable accords to Republicans.

I doubt we’ve heard the last of the Clintons.  I know we’ve not seen the last of Democrat dirty tricks.

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