North Korea and Sanctions…

While many people are focused on President Trump and the preponderance of polls that tell us how few of us support our President, there has been and is a significant problem in a country that isn’t nearly as far from our shores as we might’ve thought by looking at a world map.

As Kim Jong Un’s military continues to work diligently on its ICBM program, we are deluged by poll after poll telling us how terrible our President is and drumming up talk of impeachment.  I think Kim Jong Un is the real problem even though the Dems and the pollsters and the press seem to be fixated on President Trump.

We have publicly rebuked the NK dictator and even China has taken the posture of being in support of a militarily weaker North Korea.  China is the NK’s largest trading partner, and even it is worried by this seemingly unstable dictator.

The latest tests appear to indicate that North Korea is at the stage in the development of its ICBMs that it could conceivably drop one in downtown Chicago.  Just a few weeks ago, we thought Kim Jong Un might be able to hit Hawaii if he chose.  Then it became cities in California.  Now it is Chicago.

We have a problem that wasn’t/isn’t created by President Trump.  His talk about North Korea has toughened as it ought to have toughened.  We are talking with our allies about this ever-increasing threat to the world’s stability.  The press troglodytes seem happy in their self-created caves so long as they can focus their venom on our President and not on North Korea’s leader.

It seems very clear that nothing we have done to this point has phased Kim Jong Un.  That having been said, escalation through the UN is very unlikely to change the man.  He is driven by his hatred of us and he’ll not rest until he is dead or until he has shown us that we should’ve been a bit tougher.  China could restrict the flow of food into North Korea but that would only hurt the people.  Kim will still be the chubby little dictator he is today.

There seems an inevitability about this situation.  Either we back away from a confrontation and wait to see if the missile drops on us, or we increase our military posture and take this threat as the very real threat that it is…and has been for some time.  There is not much of a wishy-washy middle ground in this equation.  This is not something that falls within that which the United Nations is good at…if there is anything in that place…and it will not likely be resolved by other super powers.

I am happy that Barack Obama is now our former president, and I am happy that we have President Trump and not President Hillary.  I am concerned with our Congress that could prove a bit unsure of what would be the right thing.  I am concerned that we’ll diddle a bit too long and that this will only serve to empower the NK dictator who’ll see that as our recognition of his true power and our fear of him.  People who kill blood brothers are generally not to be relied upon as being stable.

This situation is nothing to be scoffed at.  It is a very real threat to our country.  We may be the strongest military nation in the world but we have to be prepared to use that strength if we expect to continue to exist as a great country.  That is especially true in this age of ICBMs.

I am very happy that there is a former four star Marine Corps General sitting at the President’s right hand in the Oval Office.  And I pray for our safety and give thanks for our military and the great soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who comprise that military.  I know they’re ready if called upon.  Our military strength can be both a blessing and a curse (when others rely upon us instead of doing their own tough jobs), but it serves us all well overall.

We have tended to be a bit late historically in our deciding to use our military might and maybe that is the way it should be, but there are times when there is no other feasible alternative and waiting simply exacerbates the problem.

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