The Trump Vendetta…

It is time for us to realize that the vendetta against Donald Trump will NEVER end.  This hatred-driven effort to convict him of something, anything, will simply live on for so long as President Trump is alive.  He might be out of the White House but this vendetta will survive.  As a matter of fact, it will very likely continue on until we reach a time when no one living remembers Donald Trump except as a footnote in history.

This is a feud to rank with that of the Hatfields and the McCoys.  It will continue for generations.  This is driven by vicious personal hatred rather than by the “search for the truth”.  Truth be damned; this is going to go on until the perpetrators find something with which Trump can be charged.

Should President Trump not stand for re-election, the vendetta will continue and likely would intensify since he wouldn’t have the Oval Office/Office of the President with which to fight back.  There seems enough interest in family members to drive the effort on for years.  Should he stand for a second term, think of the campaign tactics we’ll witness, all in the name of “fair play”, of course.

We are learning a great lesson about liberal politicians.  They have no feelings of the heart and I wonder if their souls are cold as a block of ice?  They are driven as a lion is driven to capture its prey in its mouth and shake it to death as it tears the victim apart.  This is pure unadulterated human hatred.  Politics has little if anything to do with this hatred-fed vendetta at this point.

The perpetrators clothe themselves in the gowns of upstanding patriots simply desiring the truth ‘for the good of the country’.  They care not about the good of the country.  They care only that they manage to tear this man apart whether he be alive or dead.  And, if and when that has happened, they will shift their focus solely to Donald Trump Jr.  Maybe it will even extend to Baron Trump.  These supposed patriots know no bounds of decency.  It almost seems as though that brain function has never developed.

And, of course, they are simply certain the Russians stole this election from them.  The people couldn’t have been so gullible as to actually vote for this person especially when they could’ve gone with Hillary whats-her-name.

I frankly thought that this furor would eventually cool, but I believe I was wrong.  I gave the opposition credit for something it does not appear to have.  That sense of decency, that feeling that they’d have the opportunity to regain their power next time around.  That certain base of sensibility that brings them back to the status of thinking human beings.  I fear for them that they may never again be a thinking, decent human being at least for generations to come.

Liberals appear to be devolving rather than to be evolving.  I don’t believe that the greater populace votes for a candidate out of pity.  That was the card Hillary played and it didn’t make the grade.  If this bunch of hooligans, known as liberals, don’t get themselves back under control, they could continue to suffer these humiliating defeats for years to come.

Us conservatives will continue to hold sway…for years to come.


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