Let Us See Who Leaks Now…

Former Four Star General John Kelly is now the White House gatekeeper and I think we can be assured the gate will be kept.  Kelly has seen almost everything as a Marine Corps General, and you can put good money on the fact that he doesn’t take crap from anyone who doesn’t outrank him.  He’ll be a great listener but he will not often get all dewy-eyed over the story he has heard.

He is well-respected by both sides of the aisle, and he will be speaking to those political people with the power of the President in his pocket.  I expect they will show him the courtesy and respect he earned as a General and that he’ll have the opportunity to saddle up and get things moving.

I expect, also, that leaks from this White House will very soon be a thing of the past with very rare exception.  Those exceptions will be so rare, if I am accurate, as to let us all know the rare leak was planned and executed on behalf of the White House, not in spite of the White House.

Now, the real question is will President Trump get out of his own way and let this new appointee get the job done?  Will he insist to other staffers that they go through the General if they want to get into the Oval Office unless he calls them directly?  And, will he, the President, show the General the courtesy of not going around him several times a week to members of his family who are also in the White House?

I will weep not for Reince Priebus who is probably enjoying sleep-filled nights, and who has a family in Wisconsin.  He and the President sort of came together as the result of the voters and not by mutual attraction.  Priebus was no newbie so far as politics was concerned but he never, in my estimation, was able to get to the point with President Trump where he was really the gatekeeper; especially where the family was concerned.

Family members bypassing the General will still be problematic unless the President affects some significant reduction in those things, which he could and should have done already.  Only time will tell.  We know that President Trump will have difficulty in this area, but we also know that he can remedy this situation very quickly by simply including the General in all such meetings as ought to be the case family or no family.

Everyone has been learning since this is not the typical political tribe that stretches over generations of office-holders and political operatives.  The General has been in those waters for many years since rank of that magnitude already tells us he is aware and he is qualified to ‘play the game’.  The military is quite political.  Political correctness is highly regarded.  One never ever blindsides the leader whether he be a Captain or a General.  There are prices to be paid for such things.

Finally, Generals seem to have a certain quality about them that instantly gains the attention of others…if the others have any sense about them at all.  I should think that members of Congress will walk lightly around the General at least for a few weeks, so maybe that respite will be time enough to get the White House organized and functioning as a White House ought to function.  Those who are unable to adjust will likely be invited to leave the premises.  This will prove, if I am correct, to have been a move that should’ve been taken sooner.  The drama will go away or at least diminish significantly.  Of course, with President Trump in the saddle, there will always be some drama.

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