The Democrats Own It…

The Democrats own ObamaCare.  They passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote as I’ve railed before.  They stood, and continue to stand, steadfastly in the way of Republican efforts to reform and reshape ObamaCare into something that could withstand the rigors of the U.S. marketplace, and which would prove to be both acceptable to the people and sustainable for the insurers that choose to participate.

The Democrats own it because they created it.  They own it because they continue to refuse to help fix the mess that their votes caused to occur.

So, what is it they have squarely in their laps today?

Of the roughly 3,000 counties that exist in the United States…

40 counties to date have no insurers participating; that could change, for the worse, before the enrollment periods begin.  The residents of those counties can either move into a county or state that has at least one insurer or they can go without health insurance.  If they have life-threatening conditions, they can move or simply pray they’ll live long enough to see some kind of change to this “wonderful” health care insurance system.  The deciding vote most recently belonged to a Republican from Arizona by the name of John McCain; a person who, of course, has health care insurance as a member of Congress.  He just had surgery for a life-threatening condition but he had health insurance.  What about those who have similar situations without any hope of insurance coverage?

1,000 of those counties have a single insurer offering coverage.  Residents of those counties can either take it or leave it; that is their choice.  These will likely be the residents with pre-existing conditions that would be ‘covered’ by ObamaCare so they will be unable to find any other health insurance.  That is actually not a choice since a choice would require at least two insurers be participating.  Remember that the providers of care may or may not decide to participate in a carrier’s health plans and that decision is typically made based upon the reimbursements the providers receive for the services they provide, as well as for the reputation of the insurers so far as the ease of working relationships, etc.  In those cases, the insured person would run the risk of losing his or her physician relationship if that doctor is not a participant in the new plan.

The Democrats created this mess and they have recently voted to continue to provide this mess without changes that might’ve corrected the very obvious problems in ObamaCare.  For the most part, these people are isolated from their constituents and insulated from the possibility of having no health insurance.  That means their constituents are without choices if they live in one of the forty counties with no participating health insurers.  Even if these are very small counties, this would mean at least somewhere between a half million and 4 million or more would be uninsured only because they live in the wrong county.

Remember, also, that the only place a tax credit can be gotten for insurance premiums paid is through coverage with a participating insurer.  So, not only will coverage be scarce, it will likely be unaffordable for many people even if available.

The Democrats can see this as easily as you or I can see it.  The difference apparently is that you and I care about each other and that these Democrats do not care whether you and I live or die.  They only seem to care about being re-elected every two or six years.

Of course, had it not been for a lone Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona, a bill that worked to fix much of the problem would have passed and would likely have been signed by the President.  That bill had some flaws but it would’ve corrected much of what continues to be wrong with ObamaCare.  The Senator has had the reputation of being a ‘maverick’ and wears that reputation proudly, but maybe he should’ve thought more about what his vote meant this time before upholding the reputation of which he seems so proud.

This time the “tough” vote might’ve been a Yes vote.  At least some repair to the damages caused by the Democrats could be underway.  At least some more people might’ve gotten some coverage unlike those in the 40 counties completely devoid of affordable and available health coverage.

There are days when I think we ought to institute term limits for national offices, even though I am not a solid supporter of this approach.

Remember the man for whom this whole sordid mess is named as he basks in the limelight of what he greatly assisted in creating, and enjoys the lifetime pension for eight years of afflicting this country as his policies and positions did.

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