51st State? State of Disarray…

There were those who thought that Puerto Rico would become our 51st state, but, instead, the State of Disarray appears to have won the race.

Merriam Webster defines this word, disarray, as meaning:  a lack of order or sequence. 

Little did most of us know that this term would be used to describe our government in Washington, D.C.  I know, I know; you probably want me to ascribe this all to President Donald Trump.  He does share in my description to one degree or another, but he is far from the sole cause; there is a lot of company to share in this situation.  But, the White House seems very near the pinnacle if we were assigning blame.

Did this all happen as the direct result of the last Presidential election?  Absolutely not!  Was this assisted by those results?  Yes, absolutely, since ‘we the people’ decided we wanted to make some changes.  Our national government is seemingly a mess at the moment; and yes, President Trump is part of that, but by no means did this only begin this January when he took office.  This has been building for a long time.

There have been seemingly innocent enough variations on the theme over the course of time.  Stilted solutions to this or that disruption of what I know at my level as ‘Roberts Rules of Order’ have been affected for political ends and maybe we have gotten to the point of reaping “just desserts”.  The House and Senate operate in unique ways that even parliamentarians have trouble fathoming.

Maybe the addition of Donald Trump with no prior governmental background and no experience other than running a multi-million dollar business quite successfully has served as the final piece in the creation of the State of Disarray.  Businesses and governments operate differently in many respects.  President Trump is running the White House as he ran his companies.  He is accustomed to absolute control over every aspect of what he has the responsibility to operate.  He has brought that to the Presidency and that is not serving him or us as well as we’d like at the moment.

Another good man took one for the team yesterday: Reince Priebus got the heave ho.  He may well have had the biggest smile he’s had since coming to the White House.  I’d expect the Oval Office to still be going over bumps in the road, though.  The leaks will continue since that is the way of Washington, D.C. and its politics.  Bringing the latest guy, Anthony Scaramucci into the fold has done little other than to provide the next most likely shooting star.  He is, as he has already shown us, a vulgar man.  I called him “New York Cocky” in an earlier blog.  That sets him up as a press punching bag and he is the top dog directly beneath the President theoretically interfacing with the press through his selection of the person so designated.  I suspect his ego will have him in Press Conferences occasionally.  I hope he is capable of cleaning up his language at least for press conferences, but an ego the size of his, and a short fuse, in a room full of sizeable egos tend to make me think we’ll see fireworks.

Let us not forget the Dems who take great pride in their ability to be disruptive in the House and the Senate.  They have seized on these opportunities and they’ll continue to seize on them.  Not that this will always, or even ever, be in the best interest of we the people, but it will assuredly continue and our and the country’s best interests will not always be served as the result.

We will live in this State of Disarray at least over the next three years unless all the players learn how to play well together…but they will have to want to play well together and that is yet to be seen.  There are just way too many political points to be scored to expect good governance for we the people.  Trump alone is not the cause, but he will probably serve as a suitable catalyst.

You and I have to keep score so we’ll know how we ought to vote when we have that opportunity again.

Our vote is our only tool other than for making our thoughts known thereby influencing other votes from kindred spirits.


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