Anthony ‘Scary’ Scaramucci…

The latest addition to President Trump’s team is pretty much what we were told he’d be…a dyed-in-the-wool ‘New York cocky’ tough-talking guy.  If his direction from the President was to verbally assault everyone within the sound of his voice, he appears to be excelling.  He was ostensibly brought in to stop the leaks that appeared almost daily in the press.  The flow of leaks seems to have diminished possibly because Scaramucci is making more than enough news by himself to fill the papers and the evening broadcasts and talk shows.

If he were on my team, his nickname, well-earned already I think, would be ‘Scary’.  I told myself to give the President and Mr. Scaramucci some space and watch to see just what would occur with this new Presidential ‘pit bull’ roaming the corridors of power.  I thought it would take longer than it has, but…

It strikes me that Mr. Scaramucci has cost the President dearly.  He serves as a stark reminder of just what ‘New York cocky’ is and that, frankly, seems to be diminishing at least some of the things President Trump has already accomplished.  I understand that these surreptitious leaks to the press do not serve the President well, but it seems there could’ve been a better way to approach that issue.  A simple one-on-one with each high-ranking staff member would certainly have made the President’s point.

People who have paid dearly to see that we have a ‘President’ Trump are being subjected to ridicule before the entire nation.  The treatment of Shawn Spicer, the first Press Secretary, was very troubling to me.  If he wasn’t up to the job, so be it, but…

Our nation’s Capitol has run on leaks for years.  These leaks serve to tee up possible approaches and those are then vetted by the press and others without any significant personal investment (there is always good old “plausible deniability” on which to lean) having been paid.  I suspect that may be what Spicer had been doing since that is what most every Press Secretary has done.  To shut down that avenue of ‘low personal cost’ exploration seems like cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Reince Priebus ran the Republican Party that enabled Trump to become President.  It was much better organized and considerably more efficient than was the Democrat Party.  Priebus has essentially been shunted off on a siding by President Trump, at least from what you and I see.  At the present rate, I’d not be surprised to see him ousted soon…and he might be praying that might be in his immediate future.

If what I think I see is really what is happening, I am very concerned.  I think I see President Trump reverting to his old buddies and his ‘New York cocky’ way of having done things before he was sworn in as President.  He cannot bully the Congress like he seems to think he can.  That body has deep-seated issues of its own and does not need, and will not respond well to, Trump’s edicts from the throne of the Oval Office.  He is no doubt thoroughly piqued, or maybe I should’ve used another “p” word, that he, as President, cannot order Congress to do his bidding.

I fear that Mr. Scaramucci might just be President Trump’s alter ego resurfacing after these many months of campaigning and governing.  I have never been in the world of Donald Trump other than maybe vicariously, BUT…

These are two very successful businessmen, not politicians, who have effectively ‘moved many mountains’ during their respective careers.  I can imagine that each has had his share of moments when he terminated someone in an instant…and then got on with getting on.  That does not work well, if at all, in this new world of rarified air.  There is a certain genteel air breathed by almost everybody in politics in Washington, D.C.   It is true, though, that many politicians would love to be able to be like Trump or Scaramucci have been in the business world.

I fear that President Trump might very well destroy whatever aura of success he brought with him if he becomes the neighborhood bully.  He might have those feelings, and I might also if I were there, but he has to keep those feelings a layer or two beneath the surface.  In effect, Anthony Scaramucci might be the Trump alter-ego.  And that would be truly ‘Scary’.

I earnestly hope my concerns are misplaced.

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