Classic ‘Blame Shifting’…

It is amazing, although by now we should know what to expect, that somehow the self-destruction of the ObamaCare marketplace is being blamed on whatever the Republicans decide they’ll do to repeal and replace this monstrosity.

This is a classic look at the power of the liberal press in concert with their ‘faves’, the Democrats/liberals.  It ignores the facts surrounding ObamaCare and, instead, chooses to blame Republicans for the mess that exists today.  Not a single Republican vote can be found for ObamaCare, and yet this destined-to-fail health care program is now their fault in the minds of many who don’t pay close enough attention.

If the press were not a willing accomplice, we would see headlines along these lines:  ObamaCare, Now a Shadow of the Promises Made is Dead Man Walking.

Instead, the far better story from the press’ perspective is the flailing about of the Republicans in their efforts to find the best approach to repealing and replacing the failure.  Yes, the Republicans are really good at looking inept as the various elements of the party thrash about searching for some way to bring themselves together and get the job before them done.  The Dems have internal issues as well, but we don’t often, if ever, read of or hear about those.  Again, the liberal press controls the distribution of ‘news’ all too often without any kind of orchestrated Republican push-back.

The ‘real’ ObamaCare is a fiasco with states having gaps in areas where coverage is available and with significant areas where there simply is nothing available.  Major health insurers have bailed from this disastrous program with losses in tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars to show for their effort.  The promises that they’d be made whole if they encountered “adverse selection” (which was assured to happen), were forgotten or at the least completely ignored by the Obama government.

I don’t think the Republicans have done the job of getting the real story of ObamaCare out to the masses.  I recognize they have had an uphill battle trying to make this happen since the Dems and the media have tried their very best to minimize this reality.  I suspect that the Dems may’ve originally recognized this would occur and actually planned for that to happen thus opening the door to the only remaining solution…Single Payer Health Care, owned and operated by the Federal Government in all its glory.

ObamaCare ushered in by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Democrat cohorts in the literal ‘dark of night’ was the tool that we can look back at and identify as the Trojan Horse it really was.  They knew they’d be able to count on the liberal press to aid and abet their cause.  They also knew they could back the Republicans into a corner from which they had no exit.  Either the Republicans would appear to be the cold-hearted monsters or they’d fold and get out of the way.

We are now watching the next chapter or two in this continuing saga as we gradually get to national health care in one guise or another.  The Republicans appear feckless in the face of the coming reality as they flail about trying to find a consensus among themselves as to just how they’re going to play this latest hand they’ve been skillfully dealt.  In this kind of down and dirty politics, we conservatives seem to come up a day late and a dollar short since there is a very decided non-conservative element inside the Republican movement.  We continue to fight amongst ourselves while the Dems are aligned and marching to the goal line they’ve established.

Wishing it were not so does not make it go away.

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