John McCain…

I am saddened by the news of John McCain’s cancer and the prognosis.  He is a tough man as he proved while imprisoned in a POW camp during his years of service in that capacity to our country.  He has obviously given more of himself to us than almost anyone else you or I might know personally unless we have lost a loved one in military conflict.

Senator McCain has taken positions that I simply could not understand.  It is almost like he was a conservative on this day and a liberal on that day given his voting record.  We know that he voted his heart and mind rather than his party affiliation in most cases.  I suspect there are those moments, likely more than one would like, when serving in a political position that a person might have to ‘take one for the team’, so to speak.  I suspect that Sen. McCain has been a difficult member to convince that he ought to vote a position contrary to his personal belief system.  Has that happened?  I cannot imagine that it hasn’t happened, but I’ll bet it didn’t happen often.

He is 80 years old and was going strong up to this moment.  The pressures and the travel have to take a toll on those who go to Washington on our behalf.  The families involved also pay a significant price for the service of their loved one.  Even when home in their District, County or state, the needs of voters continue to ring loudly, even more loudly since there are those open sessions when they are invited to commingle with the official.  Once a political position outside of community or county is occupied, the time with family comes at a higher and higher price.

I expect that his time in the District of Columbia has changed from the first day to today.  I believe, unfortunately, that we have more and more people with less and less honor about them in high office today.  We don’t often find that person with the stature of a Sen. McCain.  The time in such a position has to take a significant toll on the person.  Travel and time away from family are two things, but the pressure exerted on these people is almost unbelievable to us who’ve never had the experience.

If you find it in your heart, take the time to say a prayer for him and his family.  Things political become absolutely unimportant in times such as this.

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