Repeal & Replace…

The Republicans are now approaching the ObamaCare issue from a different perspective.  Rather than to work to repair the current law, the Republicans are now working on replacing it in its entirety while simultaneously repealing ObamaCare.  It is apparently intended that this approach will be put together and rolled out by January 2018.  That is quite soon, so work will have to be started immediately if this target is to be met.

The Odyssey we’ve been on might just end with a result we can actually be pleased to see considering where we’ve been already.  I would expect that, since this is being put together by Republicans, it will have “free-market” features rather than “single payer” features.

That would mean a choice rather than an edict.  It is difficult to imagine that we’d be confronted with simply a different version of “single payer”.  That would also likely see several levels of coverage being available so that there would be a choice of that nature for us taxpayer/users.

I am viewing this as a person who has worked in the health insurance/HMO world for many years.  It makes sense that some level of choice would be involved.  Not everyone needs heavy duty coverage so long as a catastrophic level of coverage is available to handle bad situations that typically hit us ‘out-of-the-blue’.  That would mean the plans can be priced accordingly.

The advantage is obviously that this would look like what many of us have become accustomed to having offered to us through an employer.  It would be a natural evolution versus an overnight change of some magnitude.  I expect that insurers would be happier participating in this kind of marketplace since that is what they are used to doing.

If this does proceed as it appears it will, then ObamaCare will have been good, at least, in that it served as the catalyst for something better to evolve.  That was not Obama’s intention, but we will have resurrected something from the ashes.

Will politics enter into this process?  Does the sun rise in the East?  There is no way that this politically-driven process will not have ‘politics’ involved.  Will the politicians be wise enough to see this as the best solution after they’ve already mucked up the approach with ObamaCare and the first effort to change it?  If they don’t, they ought to be ‘unelected’ at the next opportunity.  Who might want to tinker?  Politicians that are of the liberal bent.  Politicians of the conservative persuasion will have seen the beauty of this middle-of-the-road approach that will actually work, and they have the votes to make it happen, barring a maverick or two feeling he or she has to show-off for constituents.

If we can move this quickly enough, the conservatives will have the power to push this to the finish line.  If RINOs have the audacity/stupidity to get in the way of this solution, they will deserve to be ousted from office at the earliest possible moment.

It is, frankly, time for the politicians to forget politics, as difficult as this might be, and to remember it is us voters who need this resolved.  Maybe the party with which they are affiliated can bring pressure to bear since they might lose campaign dollars if they’re support is insufficient.  The likely lead party is the Republican Party.  Republicans need to sign on quickly, and in mass, in order to pressure Democrats to avoid getting in the way.

We, you and me, are in the driver’s seat today.  If you are a Democrat and want this mess resolved to the benefit of your constituents, let your party know you expect it to avoid getting in the way.  If you are Republican, let your party know you support this solution and want your elected officials to forget posing for ‘holy pictures’ by promoting changes that just won’t fly.  The time for intelligent action is upon us and we will remember, for a long, long time, anyone that demonstrates they’re simply too dumb to be re-elected by fiddling with what is practical and workable trying for perfect.

No more posing for ‘holy pictures’.  Get it done!

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