ObamaCare: Where From Here?

It looks as though the Republicans will be unable to find sufficient alignment to obtain the necessary votes at present.  The natural temptation is to rail against those who chose not to vote for this approach.  Repeal and Replace had a nice ring to it, but that appears to be off the table unless there is some significant shift amongst the Republicans.

We may very well now be at a place I had hoped we’d never see.  We may simply have no choice but to stand by, disabuse the notion that what is happening is the result of a Republican role; and, permit ObamaCare to crash and burn, as it assuredly will.  That has begun in many states already and can be seen by the dearth of insurers willing to engage under these rules.  Tens, likely hundreds, of millions of dollars have already been lost by insurers in the terrible plan known as ObamaCare…and the promised reimbursement seems lacking.

This will require a full court press by Republicans with a factually-based discussion of why this came to pass.  And that has to be told and retold every week, if necessary, to get the point across.

There were no Republican votes creating ObamaCare.  

There was no Republican input in the creation of ObamaCare.

Republicans have tried to help Democrats fix THEIR MESS to no avail because Dems don’t want any help.

Will people be hurt?  Unfortunately, yes.  Will Democrats try to shift the blame for this to Republicans?  Yes, almost as certainly as the sun will rise in the morning.  Will the press side with the Dems?  What do you think?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and her crew of willing co-conspirators bear the full and complete responsibility for what is happening.  Everyone voting yes on that original bill, all good Democrats, need to be listed and that list needs to be published weekly from now until ObamaCare crashes and burns.

Every press attempt to twist this into being the responsibility of Republicans must be beaten down since the press will be behind the Dems.  If we think we’ve seen deceptive news, we will be treated to much more deceptive, or “fake” news if you prefer, than we would’ve thought possible.  The left will be apoplectic

The coming political battle will be ugly, challenging, and sickening given the Democrat smear-machine that will assuredly be rolled out, but it absolutely must be fought.  If this battle is not fought and won, our country will decline to a sorry state.  You and I will be leaving this mess to our children, their children and their children’s children.

Hyperbole?  Absolutely not!

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