In preparing blogs daily other than on Sundays, I dig/research deeply across an array of media outlets.  Among the things that continue to keep me on my toes is the fact that historically ‘conservative’ outlets have morphed into something that seems quasi-conservative but distinctly anti-Trump.

We all remember the bruhaha that Trump’s announcement that he was a candidate for the office of President of the United States caused, and which continues to fester and occasionally erupt day-to-day.  I expected this would largely abate within weeks of the election and certainly after the inauguration, but that has not happened universally.  If anything, it has gotten more unctuous.

While this is understandable coming from the liberal mainstream media, it is very surprising to me as I see it manifest across some of the more conservative publications and media outlets.  Either these outlets were never really conservative, or they were but cannot come to fully support President Trump.  Maybe they’re playing up to both sides hoping against hope that they won’t lose their readership and/or reputations.

I can only be really certain of one conservative position, and that is my own.  If anything, I have become more conservative as I have grown older.  I believe that is probably common amongst conservatives.  The more we experience in this nation and this world, the more conservative our belief systems come to be.  It seems that a simple comparison of two candidates for a position would make it quite easy, usually, to determine the more conservative of the two.

Trump or Clinton?  Trump wins out as the more conservative.  Trump or Obama?  Trump wins out as the more conservative.

I understand that President Trump is unique among recent presidents.  I had problems with President Obama, both from a political point-of-view as well as from his manner of carrying and conducting himself.  Neither appealed to me.  I had problems with President Bill Clinton on many levels.  His conduct was abhorrent to me.  I didn’t agree with President Carter’s approaches to issues but he was an honorable man and that gained him my respect.

Do I wish that President Trump was a little more ‘polished’ in some instances, maybe a little less enamored with self?  Yes.  But that does not affect my thinking as to his policies, his absolute dedication to this country and his judicial appointments, etc.

As the blog title indicates, I think there is a new affliction that might hit some conservatives and linger in them in spite of his actions and his leadership.  For want of a better name, I’ll call it Trumpitis.  It manifests in some who find it impossible to separate the man and his idiosyncrasies.

They are conservatives but they can’t quite accept him as a member of our August club. They may have voted for him as the only viable alternative given our choices at the time. They might even like his actions to this point.  But, they cannot own up to their thoughts and feelings, given those with whom they associate.  They are embarrassed that they like him and his policies even a little, they just can’t let the words of praise…even faint praise…escape their lips.  So-and-so might think less of me.  This might affect a business deal.  Etc., etc., etc.

This is Trumpitis.  Is there a cure? Yes, if those afflicted simply denounce its presence and come clean with the world in which they live, and the circles in which they travel.  They have become “closet conservatives”.

Shame on you if you cannot muster the courage to profess that you actually do find some redeeming value in President Trump.  It isn’t that hard to say since there is ample reason to let people know that, while you didn’t vote for the man, he is doing some really good things.

As to those here-to-fore conservative publications/sources that now seem to have changed their stripes, so be it.  We’ll survive without you, but we will not forget that you deserted the conservative ship-of-state only due to a bit of rolling sea mostly contrived by the liberals who are great at playing people; and, who unfortunately seem to own the “free press” that doesn’t seem quite so free anymore.  We have seen the deep-seated liberal philosophies and we’ll not soon forgive and forget.  Can you say “canceled subscriptions”?

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