Watchdogs? Fact Checkers?

We seem to be at the mercy of various and sundry ‘watchdogs’ in our country today.  Among the problems is that we do not always know the source of funding for these ‘watchdogs’, and therefore we do not know their inbred prejudices if any.  Virtually every ‘watchdog’ group has been funded by someone or some organization comprised of someones and will, therefore, be responsive to the beliefs of the funders or risk not being funded.

If the group was funded by George Soros, for example, we’d know the bias that would be part of any and all utterances by that group.  And, with that awareness, we could ascribe the appropriate level of value to the utterance since it is a liberal thought being talked about.  If a watchdog group was funded by a known conservative think tank, we’d know the bias we could expect, as well.  Bias is not a bad word; it is simply a description of almost everything to which we’re exposed which is why we need to be able to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

‘Fact checkers’ are similar to watchdog groups in that they parse the various utterances and writings we hear or see published and then tell us what we should or shouldn’t think about those subjects.  There is a decided issue, however, with our ability to buy into the verdict of the fact checker since the fact checker(s) is(are) usually a member (or several members) of the organization whose utterances are being assessed for their factual basis.  Fact checkers basically tell us what we ought to believe and what we ought not to believe.

A majority of people today will likely take the fact checker’s pronouncement as being factual, and therefore believe what they were told to believe without further evidence.  It is simply easier to take the path espoused, and adopt the thoughts and opinions of others, rather than take the time and make the effort to develop our own thoughts and opinions.  That is exactly what the majority of people in this country do today.  That is among the reasons it is important that we conservatives have strong voices and make our thoughts known to others.

Many people would subscribe to the conservative belief system if they were simply made aware of it.  Many people who haven’t thought of themselves as either liberal or conservative are very likely true conservatives.  Our positions are usually pretty straightforward.  Our positions need not be dressed in fancy words, and convoluted sentences.  Conservatives do not need to twist and bend the subject matter at hand for it to make sense.

A basic test is simply this:  If it is too good to be true, be wary and suspect that it is a liberal approach disguised to be saleable to the public.  If on the other hand, the thought is straightforward and easily comprehended and actually makes sense without a lot of added fluff and ten dollar words, it is likely conservative.  A good benchmark to remember is the statement made by  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the early morning hours that led us to ObamaCare:  “We have to pass it to find out what is in it”. That is liberal gobbledygook at its zenith.  It was as nonsensical as the law that she was urging people to vote for.

Be your own fact checker.  Be your own watchdog.  Our conservative beliefs are very straightforward.  We do not need Harvard degrees in order to explain what it is we believe.  Be comfortable engaging anyone in conversation even if it will likely become a politically-driven conversation.  If you suspect the person with whom you are talking is liberal, ask them to help you understand why you ought to be liberal, too.  And, ideally, we each need to be prepared to speak to our conservative belief system if we are asked to explain why we are conservative.

We each need to be unafraid of such opportunities, and we need be prepared to simply define why we are conservatives.  We believe that every person has value and should be able to become anything they desire and are capable of becoming. We are true to our country’s basic value system and hold to the traditional thoughts of equal rights for all.  We tend to be wary of things sounding too good to be true, and want to have the time necessary to make sure what is being proposed will be good for us all.  We are very practical people not easily given to great new ideas unless and until we have worked through the pluses and minuses of each proposition.  We know we never receive something for nothing in this world.

Conservatives tend to be their own Watchdogs and Fact Checkers since not everyone claiming to be either or both is being truthful.

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