Rabid Dems?

Political passions run deep, obviously, but there seems something beyond deep passion involved in the Democrats’ approach to the reality of “President Trump”.  I am reminded of a dog, with all due apologies to the canines of this world, worrying a rope tug toy.  “Worrying” involves the dog holding the toy or bone or whatever in its mouth and shaking it so violently it seems the object would simply disintegrate.

That is the frenzy we continue to see from those opposed to President Trump.  An elected Democrat politician from Maine, Rep. Scott Hamann, actually has claimed he’d kill or at least seriously injure the President if given the opportunity.  This simply is not what we expect in our country, and yet we have it in full measure.  Had this been witnessed coming from a Republican, would we see it continuing without a hue and cry that would drown out the opposition?

We are, I fear, in a different time than ever before.  That is referencing potential opponents, both military and economic or both together.

My use of the word ‘rabid’ in the title is seizing the definition of rabid that follows: having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something.  The Dems have become so extreme in their response to the election results as to be bordering on fanaticism.  And, there is no sign of any moderation to be seen in the near future.  This is it.  Full-throated hatred of anything and everything “Trump” is the order of the day, every day, for the Dems.

I actually thought we’d get beyond this phase of their rant but I was wrong.  I am now of the opinion this might well continue until the name Trump has been forgotten with years having passed since that ‘terrible time’.  How does an election that was run in the full light of day not be seen as the will of the people?  Even if we disagree with the outcome, we accept that our candidate was on the short end of that stick, and we get on with getting on.

That attribute of being able to put an election loss behind and move ahead might not have made its way to Maine or maybe even to a lot of Dems.  The anger and rage displayed are very troubling.  It is not healthy to act out in this way especially months after the election.  We see what may be a less virulent but just as deep-seated response from the Democrats in Congress.

Might this internecine affectation be seen as an invitation to foreign foes that this is the time, while we seem to be a war with ourselves, to act out as they have desired for a long time?  We have China and Russia and North Korea that might be so disposed since anything that might further weaken the United States is a good thing as they seem to see it.

Historically, we have come together following such elections, but this election somehow seems to defy that historical norm.  Obviously, that has been caused by the majority of us choosing a President that the minority of us didn’t want, loathed actually, and by that minority refusing to accept that outcome in the depths of their being.  This could have a very serious impact on our standing in the world.  It could affect us militarily and economically.

We, in a childish pout by some, might well be condemning ourselves to suffer things that would’ve otherwise been avoided.  If we give off the vibes that we are not aligned internally, that might just be what the North Korean leader, using that term loosely, has been awaiting.  Just as we’d be extremely hard-pressed to fight a military battle on two fronts, we’d be hard-pressed to become involved in such a battle with the potential for either or both China and/or Russia taking advantage of us in other ways.

Get over your loss and get on with proper business Dems!  That is what we do after elections whether our preferred candidate won or lost.  We suck it up and get on with getting on.

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