Political Hysteria…

The Democrats are showing how unbalanced they can be, or are, with the bull—- they continue to toss out regarding our President, and members of the First Family.  It is difficult, if not impossible some days, to stay current with the hysterical/vitriolic accusations emanating from Democrats and what passes these days for the press.  The hatred is evident.  The intent to figuratively destroy the President is evident.

There is a real potential for another hater to take up arms as one did recently when he shot at Congressional members as they practiced for an annual fundraiser baseball game.  This is what those who are already unstable feed upon.  If we were to ask the Dems if that is really what they’re trying to cause, they’d be horrified that we might even think that.

Yet, most of us can see that these haranguing diatribes and accusations can do just that.  One can say that was not the intent, but the result tends to diminish the attempted self-protecting statement concerning intent.   There are people who are not sufficiently stable and who, by virtue of that diminished capability of controlling self actually do feel they are doing a service by these kinds of actions whether they succeed or fail.

Add to this the present relationship between the media and this President and we see an even more volatile environment being created.  That environment might easily have affected one or more people already just as was the case a few short weeks ago.  Our police cannot stop every one of these people, and all it takes is another one like the one who managed to get off multiple shots a short time ago that has a member of Congress still in critical condition literally fighting for his life.

The press (print, television, and radio) ought to be capable of self-policing so that its members do not, even unintentionally, feed this kind of aberrant behavior, but that garbage continues to be spewed.  Add to that the fact that there are a significant number of actual members of Congress who seem incapable of controlling their own vitriolic words.  They are either incapable of self-control or intentionally choose to use this inflammatory language without any real regard for what that language might cause.  They simply refuse to look at the potential cause and effect, or they do consider it and consciously choose to ignore any ramifications.

In the face of this, some Presidents might cower and never appear in public.  That does not seem to be the M.O. of this President.  He, of course, has protection present at all times, but that protection cannot be assured to be 100% effective all the time.  There is increased risk to the person who was already at risk even before the votes were counted.

President Trump is our President.  Republicans control the House and the Senate.  Hillary Clinton has, thankfully, left center-stage at least for now.  Former President Obama should also remove himself from the main stage.  Those to the left of this President and this Congress need to take a deep, deep breath and chill.  They see politics as a ‘blood sport’ to be waged at maximum intensity every day they are not in power. That this approach might endanger members of the political structure ought to be taken into account.

Will this occur?  I sincerely doubt that this will occur and I do expect that Members will continue to be in more danger than might’ve been the case.  I pray that I am not predicting something which actually occurs but I also fear we’ve primed the pump so that more of these people will feel empowered.


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