Obama’s Third Term?

There is a limit of two consecutive terms for our President, however, there are signs that former President Barack Obama might be willing to find ways in which he can be very influential.  As we have seen former Presidents find their way when out of the Oval office, we may see this former President break with the path followed by the others.

There can be no doubt that Obama is aghast at the fact that we Americans did what we did when we elected Donald Trump as our President.  Really, how could we have been so dumb when we had another Clinton right there ready to go?  How is it that after all he, Obama, had done for this country we would vote for a big-mouthed real estate guy who had an ego even larger than that of the then-President himself?

Obama has the Senate Democrats with him.  They will do their level best to deliver chaos through their actions and inactions to show how bad our Trump decision was, and to show that early in his first term to be certain there’d be no second term.  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the Senate Dem leader, is already on the job using any and every tactic to slow, and ultimately thwart, every Republican effort to govern.  How much fun is he having watching the Republicans try to work their way through the roadblocks he and his Democrats set up?

Republicans have never, in my lifetime, found the chutzpah to stand tough and use similar tactics to bludgeon their way through bill after bill.  Then there is the break that sees the politicians go home to schmooze with their constituencies.  Why not stay in session and work instead of taking this break?  Republican leadership has always been too gentile to fight like the pit bulls they face.

The Democrats will continue to ‘slow walk’ every effort by the Republicans, while they work diligently to subvert the President through their friends in the media.  When Republicans do elect some ‘young Turks’, those members feel the need to form their own group thus assuring that nothing will get done without much pain, suffering and wasted time.

The lack of promised results by Republicans coupled with the media favoritism of the Democrats could be a very big obstacle to be overcome if President Trump is to make progress with his programs that we bought into when we elected him.

This could be a very dangerous time in our country’s history.  There are more and more people today who seemingly have little regard for the sanctity and rules of democracy.  The new younger generation tends to lean left rather than right.  They are more liberal than they are conservative, and they are quite willing to take whatever steps they feel are necessary to get their way.

The Democrats in power today are nothing like the Democrats in power two decades ago.  These young Democrats today have no grounding in the principles of their party’s past.  They are disrupters since that seems to almost always result in them getting what they want for themselves.

This is happening when Republicans are still largely older and much more tending to the genteel approach to governance.  This is happening as the voting group tends to be getting younger.  That does not bode well for Republicans, for conservatives, if we/they are unable or unwilling to recognize these realities and work to find an approach that is likely to be more well-received, and more successful in this new reality.

We see this disjointed reality when we elected Donald Trump, a disrupter, to be our President while we still have the Republican elders in the Senate who have difficulty battling their way through the disruptive tactics of a Sen. Schumer.  That, I think, defines the issues in today’s Republican Party.  Democrats have, in my lifetime, seemed more able to move further left if they think that is where they get the votes.  They move to the Socialist mores with seemingly no second thoughts simply to maintain their power.

This is occurring as the old-time Republican leaders try to maintain what that party used to be rather than to see the necessity of moving to the true conservative political positions that will keep the party alive and competitive.  That, if permitted to remain uncorrected by us voters bodes poorly for Republicans.

Older more liberal and gentile Republicans must recognize and embrace conservatism vs. simply paying it lip service.  Conservatives are the immediate future; conservatives are ready, willing and able to govern but that will take far too long with the rate of change in the Republican Party occurring today.  We’re fighting amongst ourselves when the Dems are aligned and taking no enemies.

If that continues unabated, they win and we lose.  It is that simple.  Take off the gloves.

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