Trump Denigrators Failing…

The liberal left that would denigrate President Trump on all counts is failing to hit its target…and he is in gear and rolling.

President Trump’s speech to the Polish people and the world was dead-on.  His delivery was perfect and the reception by the Polish people there in person simply added to its impact as they cheered.  He and his speech writers hit the right notes and the Polish audience ate it up.

President Trump is at home with the other leaders of the world, probably because he is not a stranger to this level of interaction.  His business relationships have prepared him well for this position.  He is quite comfortable in his own skin, and that shows well in televised speeches.

Then we have his denigrators, the Democrat leadership such as that is today.  Whom in that group could you see going against President Trump for the Office of the Presidency as everything stands today?  I don’t know whom among those people would stand a chance if that next election campaign were underway today.  Is it still Hillary’s turn?  Is it one of the Democrat leaders we see regularly?  The names being bandied about just don’t seem to have had much impact on people.  Those names are now including second and third tier members of the Democrat Party.

Okay, I know there is still a lot of time for President Trump to lose some of his magic, his almost Reaganesque stature, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point.  If anything, I would expect him to continue to grow in stature at his current rate of competence and command of his situation.  He can stand on the world stage with anyone and he demonstrates that regularly.

The Republicans in Congress will have some, actually quite a little, impact on his chances for a second term.  There needs be some significant results about which the American people can feel good if this Congress is to be good for the President’s second term.  We expect the Democrats to be obstructionist, but we do not expect that from the Republicans.  And, unfortunately, there is an element within the Republicans in Congress that seem hellbent to make personal political hay without regard for the party.

All too often, the fever caused by power, and even by the assumed power that may not exist, is a threat to the entire party.  That is a problem with both parties.  The collective egotism, if it could be corralled as an energy force, could light the sky for quite some time.  The internal jockeying for position is a constant on the part of many in Congress.  When you are basically already in your next campaign if you are a member of the House, your campaign does start on the day you’re sworn into office.

Senators who have indicated they are going to adhere to term limitations they promised, Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), for example, can be very much more emboldened since they will not run again.  If those people suddenly change their spots, we know they were posing as something they weren’t.  Sen. Johnson will stay just as he was; what we saw was what we got and that is nice against the backdrop of seeming chameleons in office.

President Trump is, I believe, also true to his word as we heard that from Candidate Trump.  I have not seen much, if any, swerving as he progresses.  That, too, is refreshing.  He is, of course, experiencing issues that weren’t yet on the horizon, so he is forming some new positions as issues evolve, but those have so far been true to conservatism.  That is what we expect.

I will again liken this experience to that which we enjoyed with President Ronald Reagan.  We knew he was a conservative but we hadn’t a lot of experience with what we might expect as different issues developed once he was in office.

The show, if there is to be a ‘show’, will be powered by Democrats who seek an opportunity to make self seem capable of being a President.  So far, I have not seen any Democrat emerging from the field of Democrats but there is still much time for someone on that side, the liberal side, of issues to break through the background chatter.

If Republicans can stay out of their own way and make progress on the issues of the day, there is no reason yet on the horizon as to why President Trump could not be a two-term President.  Who’d a thought?

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