Trump, Putin & Jinping…

These are the three most significant leaders in the world.  The leaders of United States, Russia, and China, respectively.  Two of them meet today and the press is busy predicting/opining about how President Trump will get taken by President Putin.  Obviously, from that perspective, Trump has no chance of even remaining on an equal footing.  The missing President, Xi Jinping of China will also be a player given the fact that North Korea will figure into the topics of this meeting.

If the power of a country is transferred to the leader of that country in such meetings, then this is a critical meeting.  Both of the attendees, Trump and Putin, will have concerns over North Korea and that may eventually bring Xi Jinping into the equation, even if indirectly.

There will be a reckoning with North Korea and that is probably going to be sooner rather than later given the actions of that country so far as missile launches and the recognition that the North may have the ability to hit either Alaska or Hawaii or both with its current capabilities.  China could well be the key in defusing this situation given its virtual chokehold around the neck of North Korea’s leader.

The question of what kind of validity exists over the claims of interference by Russia in our most recent national election may be a topic but I suspect that North Korea and its actions will be a question of more compelling interest.  If it can hit targets near and dear to the U.S., it certainly could also hit similar Russian targets if it chose.  China remains pretty well assured it will not be a target given its chokehold over the North.  China could if it decided to do so, stop or greatly diminish its deliveries of food and other essential materials to the North.

Beyond this, China holds much of our debt and could immediately impact our fortune, as well, if it chose to do so.  But, in so doing it would weaken its position since it does hold so much of our debt.  It would be terribly counter-productive.

From my perspective, President Trump is far better prepared to deal effectively with this situation than would’ve been our last President.  Trump is a deal maker with a gift of being able to discern the weaknesses of an opponent in the deal making business and of making those a strength of his in the process.  He is far more capable than he is given credit for by the mainstream media.  They have not dealt with this type of leader before, so they rate him based on the leaders they have dealt with…and thereby miss the target without even understanding they have done so.

Even though President Jinping is not physically present, his shadow hangs over the meeting.  And it is a big shadow.


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