Liberal World Tilted On Its Axis…

We are witnesses to the liberal world introspectively tearing itself apart.  The evidence is found in the liberal publications (which I read as a requirement for blogging…and nothing else).  The liberal press has been reduced, in many cases, to mere shadows of their former selves thrashing around in the hinterlands.  Of course, there are the usual complaints about this Trump guy.  He is the antithesis of who/what ought to be sitting in our Oval office so far as they are concerned.

The liberal press people are despondent since they have been unable to gain much if any traction even with stories that seem a bit skewed, or worse when exposed to the light of day.  Liberal organizations are in the process of raising funds since their coffers are apparently somewhat depleted.  The liberals, in general, seem to be despairing and that is exacerbated by their inability to blunt the Trump force even using lies carefully crafted to destroy his reputation.

This place they find themselves in must be sort of a ‘political purgatory’.

We are roughly 1/8 of the way through President Trump’s first term, and the liberals are apoplectic…which does nothing to help their cause.  In fact, their actions actually deepen the hole they find themselves in and they can’t seem to do anything about it.

Now, how could this be made even less pleasant for the opposition?  That could be accomplished if President Trump were to end his tweets or at least significantly reduce their number and their inflection.  I know these tweets are almost literally a part of his persona.  But, they are also the chief bane of his Presidency.  When he takes the time to work through his thoughts before spontaneously expressing his feelings, he is almost always a more successful communicator.  If I open my mouth before engaging my brain and conscience, not much good seems to result.  Our President is no different than any of us in that regard.

Frankly, given the Dems’ intense dislike, or hatred if you prefer, for the man, nothing is likely to soothe them, so maybe the tweets are good, with rare exception, for their annoyance factor, if nothing else.

President Trump has been able, already, to assure a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court for years to come.  He likely has at least one more appointment to make and the success of that appointment will be dependent upon the Republicans keeping a strong majority in Congress.

It seems that the liberals are going to be beating the same old drums throughout this first term if the first 1/8 of that term is a good gauge.  The press will continue to try to find their way in this new world but some in their entourage have damaged the entire group’s reputation with their outright fabrication of ‘news’.  One can allude to something without making an outright claim to the allusions being a complete truth.  That has been a tool of both sides for years.  But, when there becomes evidence of outright fabrication the ruse is very difficult to pull off as truth.

If we conservatives get out of the liberals’ way, they might very well do our work for us.  The viciousness of some attacks from the left defies acceptable decorum.  When the press piles on in those situations, we find an almost comedic element to it all.

The liberals find themselves dangerously close to being seen as against everything.  Even the minority has to be for something and the constant railing against everything Republican, everything conservative, grows old even with the liberal soldiers marching in lockstep through the halls of Washington, D.C.

The first term of President Donald Trump has only just begun, and it has caused some apoplexy for the opposition.  They seem unable to find a solid foothold in their attempts to denigrate this President.  Of course, there are the myriad investigations underway that could yield something useful for the Dems.  Or, they might provide some information that is not terribly flattering to the Dems…but that, of course, requires a high degree of integrity, which we fully expect, from those in roles of investigating.


One thought on “Liberal World Tilted On Its Axis…

  1. Lost all faith in the mainstream newspapers when they began printing “news analysis” or better known as “fake news” articles on the front page instead of the labeling them as opinion and placing them on the editorial pages where they belong.


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