Take A Deep Breath & Get It Right…

A handful of Republican Senators, including Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson (R), blew the whistle on the effort to rapidly bring the Bill to replace ObamaCare to a vote.  That step was taken in spite of heavy lobbying and ‘politicing’ to the contrary and bought time which now has to be put to good use.  That was a courageous move, not a purely political move.

The Weekly Standard’s July 3 Editorial, already released, raises the need to be very careful and very deliberate in the further writing and editing and debating of this proposed replacement (although it builds on ObamaCare and alters that where it needs to be altered from the Republican perspective) for ObamaCare.  I would refer to this as the solution to ObamaCare rather than its replacement since that is precisely what it will be.

True, time is of the essence given the sorry state of ObamaCare today, but the bromide that we remember from the selling of ObamaCare is critical.  That was the utterance of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who said in effect –“We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”.  We Americans do not need another chapter of ObamaCare, we need to overwrite that terrible law with a commonsense, practical, more affordable approach that works.  We need to provide the solution for ObamaCare.

That theme is entirely appropriate when one looks at the mess that is ObamaCare today.  States without an insurer.  States with one or two insurers, but many counties without coverage due to lack of provider networks. The messaging will be critical and it will have to be done without expectation of media support.

This breathing space needs to be used intelligently, not just politically.  This solution to ObamaCare needs to be created knowing that the Dems will attempt to besmirch the results at every opportunity.  Imagine the contrast between the Republican’s reasoned solution-based language and the Dems’ hair-on-fire opposition.  Snarky, ugly snit fits from the Dems versus the reasoned, adult approach offered by the Republicans will show the stark contrast between the parties and between the original ObamaCare and the proposed new and improved solution to ObamaCare and all its faults.

Time is of the essence, however.  The time to which I refer is that which is used to thoroughly explain to the American public precisely what has occurred, what is being done and why it is necessary.  Rushing something to a vote does nothing for the American public or the Republicans in Congress.  Adding to and compounding the colossal failure of ObamaCare is not what this country needs today.

Publicly identifying and correcting the shortcomings with the necessary solutions is what is necessary.  Holding the Dems’ feet to the fire for their haphazard approach with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at the helm, showing what they created and the terrible cost, beyond monetary cost, they brought to us in the dark of night.  We need to understand the manner in which our system functions and what needs to be accomplished to keep that system vibrant AND affordable.  We need to explain why ObamaCare was doomed from day one (which justifies no Republican votes for it), and we need to be able to express why this solution is different and better.

Maybe we will need to coin a new spelling for the word to describe what the Dems will use as their primary tactic: DEMagoguery since they will be carrying this tactic to the extreme and likely beyond.  By explaining what their tactics will be, we defuse the effectiveness of those tactics.  We have to be aware of how the press will play this and be ready to show their disingenuous actions for what they are: the pro-Democrat propaganda machine.

I suspect we have the right person in the Oval office for this work.  This comes right on the heels of fake news that we finally have actually come to understand and see on a daily basis.

Republicans need to move with all deliberate speed, but not in a mad rush to some ethereal end game.  This isn’t going to be available this plan year.  Some emergency stop-gap plan might be necessary but that cannot be allowed to be seen as THE solution, only the temporary stop gap to right the wrongs brought about by the Dems in the dark of night voting without any real idea of what they were voting for at the time.

We are the solution; liberals are the problem.  Conservatives have a heart and a brain.  Liberals have emotion and DEMagoguery.

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