Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Really?

Those who desire to see our President impeached nearly foam at the mouth over the very thought of Trump figuratively dangling from the hangman’s noose.  Apparently, this has to do with some kind of Russian collaboration that supposedly had the effect of getting him elected.  None other than the former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been named the Special Counsel in this matter.  As we know, Special Counsels seem to have the nine lives of the typical cat.  They have powers to make grown men and women shrink into the corner rather than to stand up for their innocence.

The accusations of Russian tampering seem to hinge on their ability to gain access to computers used in the vote tallying process, and then manipulating the counts to illegally increase the numbers cast for Trump, thus making him President.  Since the Democrats know there is absolutely no possibility that Trump actually received more votes than Hillary did, there has to be evidence of tampering, and tampering is bad, therefore Trump needs to be removed from office in shame.  It might take longer for the actual evidence to be acquired but we need to move now!

There is a certain common thread amongst Special Counsels.  They tend to expand their investigations, as pointed out by Fred Barnes in the June 26, 2017, issue of The Weekly Standard.  Those investigations are expanded until they prove to have been broad enough to find something, even if not that which was part of the original package.  See a thread, pull on it and see where that might lead.  See another thread, repeat process.

The fact that Special Counsel Mueller is a good friend of former FBI Director James Comey since fired by President Trump, who just happens to be the target of Mueller’s investigation, shouldn’t cause us any undue concern.  Everything will be on the up and up!

The Dems want to capitalize on Trump’s issues, even if imagined, in any and all ways possible.  They need a gain of 24 seats in the House of Representatives for a 2018 majority that would permit them to take up the topic of impeachment of President Trump.  They are, in such situations, capable of nearly anything even if it has little or no substance to it.  After all, that is what they believe all people elected to such offices do with their power.  Everyone knows the Republicans do what the Dems do, so anything is fair in these circumstances.  Evidence be damned; it’ll be found ultimately.  That is what politicians do to one and other, or so they say to cover themselves as if that would make this an appropriate action…maybe just slightly ahead of the finding of evidence.

We can pretty well predict what this will cause.  President Trump probably will refuse to cower in the corner, even if there were one in the Oval office, and will take the offensive.  That could become nasty…and the press will love it.

Now, we have the issue of ‘fake news’.  Add fake news to this broth and we’ll have a robust, hearty stew that liberals, and members of the press (but I repeat myself), can live on at least until Trump has been removed from office.  By then, it will be all over but for the shouting and the Dems will have won even if with a hollow, disingenuous victory.  People don’t stay focussed that long so the press comes through squeaky clean in its own right, and the liberals have what they wanted:  Trump out of office or at least so damaged he can be run over with a tricycle by a youngster.

Too many of us voters look for the shiny object since our attention spans are measured in minutes or hours rather than months or years.  The Dems bank on this and seldom are disappointed.  Unsubstantiated claims of transgressions by Republicans is bread and butter to the Dems.  It is the Mother’s milk of politics.  With the CNNs of the media as dominant as they seem, this is the secret formula, the magic elixir.  They can be counted on to fill in whatever blanks the Dems’ news releases missed, and have it on the Internet in hours, if not in minutes.

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