Herding Cats: Chapter ?

I’ve lost track of the number of times I have used the term found in the title of today’s blog, but there it is again.  The term typically refers to the issues confronting both parties in both houses, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  With the Republicans in control, theoretically, of both the House and the Senate, we watch today and in the days to come (and maybe beyond) as politicians jockey for position and for press coverage that is more flattering than damning concerning the Republicans’ proposed ‘replacement’ for ObamaCare.

The issue, so far, centers on the Republican effort to repeal and/or replace ObamaCare.  Too many people, in my opinion, see this as a very simple up or down vote when it appears to touch a lot of different things that we need be careful to avoid damaging or destroying.  ObamaCare was written, in many respects, in that manner to ‘protect’ it from ravaging Republicans.

Adding to the furor is this vote touted to end ObamaCare when it will only begin the process of ending that law.  The fight is made more difficult since it lends itself to the screams from the left that the Republicans want to kill the program and that this will ultimately bring misery and suffering to the American citizens.  This is, unfortunately, the ‘perfect storm’ from the Dems’ perspective.  And, the Republicans have essentially placed themselves in this ‘damned if we do and damned if we don’t’ position.

It is unfortunate, but the Republicans have set themselves up for the drubbing they’re going to be taking from the Dems and the press.  I do not understand, I’m sure, all the various pressures that exist in that world, but it seems that some careful tilling of the ground might’ve helped ward off this situation…which will get uglier every day.

I fear that this may further degenerate as the days pass and the press has its ‘fun’ at the expense of conservatives.  I listened as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tried to explain his position that more time is required.  He is very likely correct that more time is required to get this right, but that should’ve been seen by the Committee chairs and the Republican whips.

As it stands this morning, there has been an expectation set up that by the end of this week ObamaCare will be gone and something else will be in its place.  That, obviously, could not be further from the truth, but the Dems have been eager little beavers behind the scenes setting this all up…with the support of that part of the press which is liberal…and that is a lot of the press…to be certain this plays to the advantage of the Dems as part of the price to be paid for ridding us of ObamaCare.

As to ObamaCare, it continues on its road to oblivion with catastrophic financial losses all the way.  There are states without any ObamaCare plans available.  There are states with only some counties’ residents covered.  Major insurance organizations have bailed since they lost tens of millions and were not made whole as they had been promised.  ObamaCare was a grand Ponzi scheme…whether anyone will admit to that or not.  This Democrat “legislation” in the dark of night has shown exactly what it was all along.  It was meant to destroy the health insurance marketplace only to be ultimately salvageable by federal/national health care.  If there would be those decrying the intent, I’d pose the question:  How did you think this would work?

As is usual in these kinds of situations, Republicans (usually the adults, but not always) are left to clean up the mess as the Dems, and the press, lay traps for them every step of the way.  That having been said, I object to the Republicans setting themselves up with some partially-baked plan needing to be passed in a week or a little more.  I object to the internal battles among various kinds of Republicans that make Republicans look the fool.

That the Republicans could not see this coming, or did but chose to ignore it, thanks for squandering part of your strength.  We know, or should know by now, that everything undertaken by Republicans has to be done flawlessly to be even remotely acceptable to the press.  Even then, we know we’ll take some hits from the liberals; that is simply the way of politics.

It appears that too little time was allocated by the Republican leaders to get the cats aligned for a passing vote.  And, to have laid plans for the follow-on to this successful vote.  Expectations, once set, are virtually impossible to re-set.

And, all due apologies to the felines reading this or using it as the paper on which to relieve themselves.  Maybe my side, the conservative side, will ultimately get its act together, but the time that takes and the price it extracts is painful.

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