A Healthy Reminder…

We, the voting public, seem at times to have short memories.  Lest we forget during this time of Republicans working to refine and replace ObamaCare, the Democrats broke American healthcare in the dark of night.  That is when American healthcare was changed in terms of delivery and financing.  That was the beginning of the current situation where health insurers are simply bailing from the system.  They have taken so many losses and such large losses that they simply cannot afford to be players in this national nightmare.  The promises of government funding excess losses if they were too big has obviously been forgotten.  Where are those Dems who made that promise now?

The Republicans are working diligently to revise ObamaCare to at least slow the hemorrhaging the insurers have been witnessing as their losses exceed the premiums being collected.  They will be unable to pass what might be seen as a full and complete overhaul without every Republican signing on to make it happen.  In the meantime, we find that some states will have no insurer, none, to pick while other states are significantly limited in the insurers from which they can choose.

The healthcare systems have enjoyed a significant increase in usage and an increase in funds received, but those benefits are tinged with troubling things.  They need to know there is going to be a level of sustainability in order to justify the increased building and the purchase of more and better equipment and the addition of staff to provide the services.  That is not at all a comforting situation given the overall instability of the healthcare world in the U.S.

Some states are down to zero health plans from which to choose!  Others are down to one or two or three and those are often smaller health care organizations that came to be in the initial Obamacare whose networks are not as all-encompassing as the larger systems that have abandoned ObamaCare.

The Democrats need to be held to account for what they did and for what that is bringing as the new reality.  The Republicans need to be held to account for finding a solution to what the Dems have wrought.  It is now time for a unified Republican response, and that means taking a stand and supporting what the majority of Republicans are favoring.  The internecine squabbling in Congress has to come to an end in order to bring relief to the healthcare debacle that the Democrats started.

There are many competing ideas being bandied about but the time for taking action is upon us.  Get together and get it done. Period!  This may not be fair since the Dems sit on the sidelines or do their best to be disruptive when it was they who created this mess.  They are hoping that you and I will forget it was them who took the first step that is what brought us to the situation we’re in today.

Some Republicans would like to dance around the edges in order to avoid having to take a position on the bill(s) on, or soon to be on the floor.  That time has long since passed.  We need this issue resolved and very, very soon.  You political leaders have promised us that you will fix this mess.  It needs to be the Republicans who act as the adults in Congress since it is quite obvious that the Dems will continue to obstruct in the hopes that we voters will have forgotten it was them who did this to us.

There are tough votes and those come with the office.  We expect you to be the adults in the room and do what we want you to do.  Personally, I am happy to be reminded of the Dems being totally responsible and I’ll do what I can do to help others remember that fact.  BUT, I also expect that Republicans will soon all become the adults who do what is required even though there will be the typical disinformation from the Dems and also from some in the world of reporting.

Finally, I would like to see President Trump become the leader of the band in this situation lending his daily voice to the Republicans while reminding all of us that the Dems did this to us rather than for us.

This needs to get done.  It needs to get done now, not during the next Congress.  The various factions within the Republicans in both the House and the Senate need to consolidate behind one approach to resolution and stay there day after day and interview after interview.  The time has come and this opportunity will greatly damage the Republican brand if you do not consolidate and get it done.  You know you’ll not get the support of the media and we all know that, too.  But you will continue to have our support through whatever fallout period there may be.

Our support is, however, conditioned on you getting the job done and soon!  That is why we sent you there.

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